At the end of November 2021, Pandora, the world’s largest and most recognisable jewellery brand, opened their first stores under the new concept Evoke in Italy’s Milan and London, UK. The latest testing concept has the goal of making shopping more instinctive for their customers. Also, the brand aims to improve the service’s speed, which they hope will enable customers to search the store efficiently and find their desired products smoothly. 

The customers are now immediately welcomed by the simplified layouts. Those allow them to find their way through many item categories and look through products in the latest designed displays. The store will newly have a zone dedicated to purchasing gifts, as two-thirds of Pandora’s income comes from gifting. More than 80% of Pandora’s customers nowadays start their shopping journey online, so when they now enter the store, they can immediately recognise Pandora’s campaigns at the front. 

The brand new concept will soon launch in Guangzhou, China following Italy and the UK. It will expand more in 2022 with new improving features.