Prada’s exploration of beauty, care, and love, the timeless values of humanity, has inspired its Fall/Winter 2023 collections and campaigns. These universal emotions are brought to life through the metaphor of flowers, reimagined in human form, suggesting an otherworldly emotional landscape.

The campaign features five global stars – Benedict Cumberbatch, Hunter Schafer, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Letitia Wright, and Li Xian. These cinematic idols reflect Prada’s long-standing relationship with cinema as a medium for expressing cultural ideas and ideals. The mastery of their craft enables them to evoke these feelings in both still and moving images – through words, actions, and even a glance.

The campaign unfolds as a surreal series of conversations between these characters and the oversized flowers, creating a dialogue that is both literal and visual. Flowers, ageless symbols of beauty that straddle.