Towards the end of November 2021, a Swiss manufacturer Vacheron Constantin presented a complex limited-edition timepiece, dedicated exclusively to the China market. The luxury edition combines technical refinement with aesthetic elegance into a masculine presentation. It represents fine details and balanced portions. 

The limited-edition is inspired by an old Chinese saying “A gentleman of Jade”, describing a man with a noble character who is as elegant and noble as Jade. Jade has been a treasure of China for a thousand years and has been a symbol of high value since ancient times. So it’s no surprise that it was the inspiration for the first complex wristwatch designed for the Chinese market. 

Imperial green is the shade of green used in the entire Vacheron Constantin’s collection – a colour that is described in Chinese poetry as full of energy, gentle and soothing. This stunning colour represents the purest and most sophisticated shade of green jadeite – a harder form of jade.