Earrings have always been a part of our everyday life. Just like any other piece of jewellery, earrings are perfect for showing your style, completing your outfit or capturing memories. Earrings are made out of various materials, such as precious metals, gemstones, plastic, wood, glass and other. 

There are various locations for your ear piercing, including earlobe, tragus, helix, rook, industrial, conch, and others. The most traditional and “simple” type of ear piercing is the earlobe piercing. In this article, we are going to take a look at different types of earrings based on their style, size and fastenings.


This is the most classic and timeless style of earring. This minimalistic style of earring consists of one gemstone in the middle of the earlobe, which gives it that simple but also elegant look. Even though this style is simple, you can get the gemstone cut in many different shapes, such as the oval, round, heart or cushion shape, which will make the earring look expensive and modern. The most popular gemstone used as a stud is the diamond.


The hoop earring is the second most popular earring style. Hoop earrings are most of the time large and circular, but these days, hoop earrings come in different shapes including triangle, oval, square and diamond shapes. Depending on the size and style you choose, hoop earrings can be a graceful accessory that will show off your bold look.


This type of earring truly stands up for its name. Chandelier earring has multiple layers of jewels and decorations, making the earring look extravagant and complex. Chandelier earrings are most of the time extended with a lot of levels and colourful decorations to spark up every outfit on every occasion.


Drop earrings are another version of chandelier earrings. The difference is that drop earrings feature only a simple chain that hangs down the earlobe and the earring by itself isn’t that layered and decorated, which makes drop earring more suitable for everyday wear. Although they are simpler than chandelier earrings, they can still look charming and elegant if you choose the right gemstone and shape. If you are looking for a more bold look, choose a longer and more decorated chain.


As the name says, teardrop earrings are very similar to droop earrings. Teardrop earring simply looks like a drop earring, which is shaped like a teardrop. Same as drop earrings, this type of earring hangs below the earlobe. These earrings usually have a gemstone in the centre and are outlined with small diamonds or other gemstones, making the earring look luxurious.


Ear Jacket earrings are one of the latest earring trends. Jacket earrings are connected to the ear by a stud that is in the back of the earlobe connected to the body of the earring, which hangs down. The body of the earring is usually a piece of metal with some delicate details like flowers, petals or stars. The body of the earring can be right below the earlobe or it can hang lower.


Ear climbers, also known as the crawler earrings are also a new trend in jewellery. This type of earring starts at the earlobe and climbs towards the top of your ear. This is a perfect way to have your ear decorated with only one single earring. Crawler earrings are usually designed with trails of flowers, stars, or a line of gemstones.


Tassel earring is one of the most stylish, playful and fashionable styles of an earring. They are usually made of embroidery floss of any colour you could imagine, which can be decorated with beads or metal chains to make them look even more stylish and playful. Even Though they look so childish, you can make a formal look with them.


Threader earrings are one of the most modern earrings. There is simply a slim metal chain, which goes through your earlobe and hangs down on the front and also the backside of your ear. There are usually small gemstones, some geometric shape, or little stars at the end of the metal chain, which brings dimension into the hanging chain. It’s no surprise that these earrings are a favourite amongst minimalists.


As the name says, ball earrings look like a ball, which is simply resting on your earlobe. This ball sits very close to the earlobe, just like stud earrings do. They are usually connected to a smooth thin metal which goes through your ear and connects to a small fastening to secure the ball on your ear. The ball is most of the time glassy and made out of metal, but diamonds and other gemstones are sometimes used.


Clip-on earrings are the best earrings for kids. Despite this fact, clip-on earrings can also be worn by adults. Clip-on earrings hang right below your ear and are secured with a clip in the back of your earlobe. The body of the earring is made out of metal with a gemstone in the centre of it. These earrings are perfect for babies mainly because of the clip, which can be hard to open so the earring is secure on your baby’s ear. Keep in mind that earrings for babies should be from gold, surgical stainless steel or any other hypoallergenic metal.

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