Milan, 20 July 2023 – Miu Miu Live!, the Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, straddles the line between the present and the future, occupying ephemeral, democratic spaces in shades of grey. This world is inhabited by characters such as singer-songwriter Ethel Cain, actors Emma Corrin, Mia Goth and Zhao Jinmai, models Amelia Gray Hamlin and Annabelle Weatherly, and model and LGBTQ+ advocate Zaya Wade. Their performances oscillate between outward engagement and introspective detachment. 

There is a sense of studied disorientation as the familiar is disrupted. This disruption is reflected in their clothes. Elegant twinsets, knee-length pencil skirts and oversized tailoring in dry, heavy wools conceal and reveal the body. The familiar is subverted, seen from a new perspective. Miu Miu Live! challenges the norms and offers a glimpse into a world where the conventional is constantly being questioned.