Artificial eyelashes are an incredible way to improve your natural lashes and have you leaving the salon looking beautiful. Artificial extensions are individually applied to the eyelids to enhance, lengthen, and thicken the look of a person’s eyelashes. The semi-permanent strands are individually glued to the natural eyelashes with a special glue, to ensure that they last weeks as opposed to hours. The medley of pros that come with artificial extensions have ensured that eyelash treatments are more popular than ever, and so there are loads of new stylists training to become eyelash technicians.

The Toolkit Every Stylist Needs

The application of eyelashes is an extensive and intricate process and therefore requires a broad toolkit alongside a steady hand. Several different tools are used during the treatment, and your toolkits will be filled with wands, brushes, pads, serums, glues and more. You will be stocked with everything from cleanser to tape!

Perhaps the most used tool is the tweezer. During the application of the false eyelashes the singular eyelash hairs are individually glued to the client’s existing lashes. The tweezers are used to transport and position the lashes into place on the clients’ eyelids throughout the entirety of the treatment and are used extensively by a busy stylist! A canny technician will always be sure to have multiple on hand, both curved and straight tweezers, to ensure you can always reach where you need to.

With a supply of everything from under eye pads to eyelash conditioner, Noble Lashes covers end to end the entire process of artificial eyelash application, and has any stylists covered for all their lash needs.

Crystal glue holders and eyelash trays will also often be found in client’s workspaces, both being great accessories to help streamline the application process. The trays provide a safe place to hold and store lashes in the studio and during treatment, and the holders are for technicians to place the glued lashes down and prevent glue transfer. Cleansers and patches ensure that your clients are as clean and pampered as possible during treatment.

The needs of an eyelash technician are substantial, and this is reflected in the vast range of accessories that are available—so vast that we couldn’t cover everything here today! Noble Lashes accessories are very important in the treatment process. They can help you as a stylist provide the very best experience for your clients, which will bring you a sterling reputation in the industry.