Have you ever heard about the Citrine gem? The Citrine gem belongs to the variety of Quartz and is known as the 13th Anniversary gemstone. Before knowing the citrine gem’s benefits, it is also essential to know about the citrine meaning and associations, including element, birthstone, chakras, planet, vibration, and typical colours. Yes, Citrine is November Birthstone and comes in elegant golden lemon-coloured gems. 

Citrine is one of the distinguished gemstones that come in an array of colours from the light yellows to the darker, brownish to the turmeric, and pale to golden yellow. 

Citrine Meaning

The original citrine gem is a stone of strong will, expressions, and deep imagination. When it comes to Citrine’s chakras, this natural Citrine stimulates the chakras like the sun and clears the soul or mind to action. However, pure yellow Citrine brings happiness in life, encourages confidence in the inner self, and awakes creativity. 

The name of the stone Citrine comes from the French word Citron which means lemon. Natural Citrine stone is mined in Bolivia and Brazil (South America), and it is rare to find. Talking about the commercial Citrine, you will discover heat-treated amethyst that gives the result of Citrine colour.

Healing properties With Citrine Stone

Citrine has numerous healing properties, including protection, happiness, confidence, prosperity, energy, assimilation, spiritual growth, success, moderation, inner peace, etc. 

Do you know Citrine stone offers energy to an individual? It is true that Citrine is full of positive energy and cleanse the chakras that help in opening the intuitions. The stone grants enthusiasm, prosperity, and stability. 

Citrine is well-known for removing negative traits, phobias, emotional negativity, and fears. Apart from that, Citrine is also beneficial for health problems. If you want to get rid of several health conditions like digestion problems, diabetes, bladder infections, etc., then the citrine stone is the best option for you. You can wear the citrine stone in the form of citrine jewellery by an astrologer’s consultation. 

Citrine not only encourages self-esteem but also enhances self-healing and self-improvement properties in an individual.

What are the Extraordinary Benefits of Citrine Stone?

  • Citrine stones support spiritual characteristics and psychic growth, which helps in fighting with depression problems. 
  • It helps in gaining success and wealth. We all know that most people are rich, but they don’t have the quality of generosity; this stone develops the high-quality of generosity to share the wealth with others for good purposes. 
  • Being a powerful stone or third eye chakra stone helps boost the wearer’s stamina. You can wear the citrine stone in the form of citrine earrings.  Stay positive and confident in your life. 
  • In the area of career and business fields like media, sports, marketing, and merchant, Citrine spreads magic. It develops the internal thought process while doing their work, whether related to creative work or writing.