Do you know about the Tourmaline gemstone? Are you familiar with the significance and properties of tourmaline jewellery? If not, then take a look at the entire post. In this post, we are going to tell you about the classification of tourmaline, properties, benefits, and tourmaline colours. Let’s take a look.

What is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is one of the Earth’s most beautiful and popular gemstones in the world. It comes from the boron silicate minerals. It is a birthstone for October month, and it is easy to find. It was found in the West Coast of Italy 1600’s or early 1700s. Due to its colour property, it was named as a tourmaline.

Tourmaline Colours

Tourmaline stone is well-known for its different colours, shades, and structures. It is the only stone that comes in multiple colours in the same stone. Let’s take a look at the Tourmaline Colours.

  • Rubellite – red
  • Indicolite – blue
  • Canary – bright yellow
  • Watermelon- a combination of green skin and red core
  • Bi-Colour- two colours in the same stone
  • Paraíba- Intense blue colour to green
  • Color-Change- transforms from green in daylight to red in dark light. 
  • Cat’s Eye- chatoyant tourmaline in multiple colours
  • Chrome- green colour by chromium or vanadium

Strong Pleochroism is one of the unique features of tourmaline jewellery. You can see distinct rays of green colour parallel to the c-axis and in the face-up position as well. 

When we talk about the lighting of the beautiful gemstone, it comes in various shades as per light like red, orange, and yellow tourmaline looks perfect under incandescent light. Blue, violet, and green tourmaline stones look more pretty in daylight. 

So, if you are going to buy tourmaline jewellery like a pink tourmaline ring, then examine the beauty or hue of the stone under a variety of light sources. 

Tourmaline stones come in numerous cuts due to its strong Pleochroism. Most of the time, it comes in rectangles, and rectangular emerald cuts because of the nature of these tourmaline crystals. Light colour tourmalines cut as triangles, trillions, ovals, and rounds.

Benefits of Wearing Tourmaline Gemstone

Do you want to know about the extraordinary benefits of wearing Tourmaline Gemstone? It is essential to understand that Tourmaline stone has several health and spiritual benefits. Read the below benefits-

  • The electromagnetic radiations present in the far-infrared range helps in boosting the immune system and promoting detoxification. 
  • It also stimulates circulation in the body.
  • It helps in reducing water retention and supports fat loss.
  • It is also known as energy-emitting stone, and that is the reason most of the people keep tourmaline stone in their workplaces or homes.

There are many options to wear this stone-like you can wear black tourmaline necklace, pink tourmaline ring, and other pieces of jewellery.

Black tourmaline offers healing benefits to the wearer, and it is the stone of luck, prosperity, happiness, and good health. Black tourmaline is responsible for the root chakra and promotes spirituality, mysticism, wisdom, and meditation. It is a source which protects from negative energies and improves self-confidence. So, buy a black tourmaline necklace for you and increase the prosperity in your life.  

Pink tourmaline is the symbol of humanitarianism. This stone helps in promoting sympathy towards others. You can wear a pink tourmaline ring. Apart from that, pink tourmaline also disperses emotional pain and dissolves terrible feelings. It enhances the power of thinking and promotes the flexibility of thoughts. Watermelon tourmaline pendants are also unique in look. You can wear this type of jewellery in any occasion without matching any traditional jewellery.

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