Are you looking for a wedding Dj in Mallorca? A wedding DJ is one of the key points of your special day because a wedding without a wedding DJ is not the same.

Wedding DJ in Mallorca just for your party?

No, the wedding DJ in Mallorca will not only make your party an unforgettable experience, but will accompany you throughout your wedding as he will also be present at all other moments of your wedding such as the reception of guests, ceremony, aperitif and wedding dinner.

What does a DJ in Mallorca do?

The wedding DJ in Mallorca will share Spotify playlists with you. These lists are called collaborative lists and you can share them with whoever you want. There you can include, you and the people with whom you share, the songs that you would like to hear at your wedding. In this way, both you and your guests will actively participate in that special day.

This is very positive when it comes to compiling music for all kinds of audiences because normally at family weddings we have guests from several generations. Many couples want the first part of the dance to be dedicated to old classics since the older ones are the first to leave the party and thus have time to enjoy the dance at the beginning of the party. From there, the Mallorca wedding DJ will play more trendy and actual music according to the style of the bride and groom.

Spotify playlists are also very suitable for including typical music from the bride and groom’s country of origin because the wedding DJs don’t know all the music from all the countries in the world and it helps them to know which songs from the bride and groom’s country are hits and are more popular.

What lists will the Mallorca wedding DJ share?

The Mallorca wedding DJ will share with you different lists:

Wedding DJ for the ceremony:

You will request your particular and significant song for each moment of your ceremony. In general, in the ceremony, couples choose special moments such as the groom’s entrance, the bride’s entrance and also the moment of the rings. Another significant moment is the walk out of the aisle where, as a suggestion, an upbeat song is very appropriate to celebrate.

Wedding DJ for the aperitif and the wedding dinner:

You will ask for the songs or the style of music that you like the most. It is important that you know that you do not need to choose all the songs yourself, that is why you have a wedding DJ, he will be in charge of the musical selection, but it is good that you set an example for the Mallorca wedding DJ the styles you like.

Wedding DJ for the party:

At this point, it’s not just the songs you’d like to hear that matter, but also the songs you absolutely don’t want to hear, just in case.

With all this information your wedding DJ Mallorca will download and compile the best songs to make your wedding as you have always dreamed of.