Planning and preparing your wedding usually takes many months. However, the whole special day of the wedding feels like a second. That might seem sad, but there is an exceptional occasion which helps you remember and celebrate that wonderful day of you and your partners lives – a wedding anniversary.

Let´s Celebrate!

Another year went by, so it is time to celebrate the wedding. Even if you are a couple, which doesn’t celebrate wedding anniversary every year, it can help you spark your marriage. It is also a brilliant opportunity to help your relationship get over a possible marriage crisis. There are various ways to spend the day of your anniversary, which entirely depends on you and your loved one. It depends on your personalities, hobbies and overall mood. If you lack an idea of how to celebrate or only want to do something different, this article can surely help you.

6 Ideas of Where To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

There are dozens of places where you can celebrate your special day. Here are some ideas of what you can visit and what to do there.

  • Visit the place where your wedding happened – There is nothing better at bringing out memories than visiting your unique spot. Take a walk around and remember all the little moments of your wedding.  
  • Wellness retreat –  Staying at wellness resorts is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Everybody has to slow down and relax from time to time and wellness weekend is ideal for that. So escape from the boring everyday life and enjoy free time, which you can spend relaxing and gaining energy with your partner. 
  • Romantic stay in a hotel or a castle – Tell me what is more romantic than staying in a luxurious hotel or romantic castle. Hotels and castles often offer romantic candlelit dinner or a bottle of champagne and flowers delivered right to your room. I’m sure everyone would appreciate that. 
  • Picnic in nature – If you love outdoors and fresh air and want to stay close to your home there is nothing easier than packing up your picnic basket, blanket, wine and something sweet and heading out to the park or meadow. 
  • A holiday abroad – If you want to spend your wedding anniversary like a pro, there is probably nothing better than packing up your luggage and visiting foreign countries. If your wedding took place in spring or autumn, there is also an advantage of fewer tourists. 
  • Romantic dinner – If you for some reason cannot just leave and go somewhere, there is the classic and romantic option – a romantic dinner in a luxurious restaurant. You can also ask the restaurant service to decorate the table a bit to prepare it for your night out.  

You can also spend your day on some trip, on a cruise ship or visiting castles. Some might appreciate visiting some art galleries, museums or going hiking, swimming or just stay home all day and cook a homemade meal and watch movies.

Wedding Anniversary at Home

Not everyone loves travelling and feels much better in their cosy home. Or maybe you are sick or don’t want to spend money on a trip. And that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with spending your wedding anniversary on a couch by a cosy fireplace. So break stereotypes and leave everyday chores for another day. Surprise your loved one with a romantic candlelit dinner with a toast and remember your wedding day by watching a wedding video or look through your wedding photos. Looking at the photographs of your wedding, your family and friends will surely beautify your special day.

Tips for Anniversary Gifts

Wedding anniversary wouldn’t be complete without two things – a happy couple, which spent the whole day together celebrating and anniversary gifts. It is not a simple task to come up with new ideas for presents every year, but don’t worry – we are here to help you. 


  • A bottle of top-quality wine or whiskey (depends on your husbands’ taste)
  • Some high adrenaline activity, for example flying in a hot air balloon or bungee jumping 
  • A ticket for a concert of his favourite band or a theatre ticket
  • A fitness voucher for sport-oriented husband
  • A watch or a luxurious tie 
  • Magazine subscription


  • Flowers – if you want to be a super-husband you can also remember what colour was her wedding bouquet and buy her flowers of the same shade  
  • Parfume (there is no woman which would not like to have a luxurious perfume)
  • A piece of jewellery 
  • High-quality chocolate, Belgian pralines or other sweets 
  • Voucher for a massage or cosmetic treatment
  • Lingerie voucher

You can always depend on photo gifts. For example, you can let someone make you a photo book with photos of you and your partner. Or you can put your favourite photo on a pillow or a mug. But everything is not just about gifts. Some people would be more grateful if you would show them that you still care about them after all these years than if you would give them a gift. If you want to be super romantic, you can also write a love letter or a poem.

What Are the Names of Wedding Anniversaries?

Every wedding anniversary has its unique name. Although the most recognized ones are the silver, gold and diamond weddings, even earlier wedding anniversaries have their own names. It is assumed that the names were inspired by the anniversary gifts. For example, the first anniversary gift was something made out of cotton, the next year it was something from paper. In the table below, you can see all the names of the wedding anniversaries.


Year Traditional names Gifts (Gifts from…)
1st Paper wedding Clock
2nd Cotton wedding China/porcelain
3rd Leather wedding Crystal/glass
4th Linen wedding Fruit/flowers
5th Wooden wedding Silverware
6th Sugar wedding Wood
7th Wool/copper wedding Desk set
8th Bronze wedding Linen
9th Willow wedding Leather
10th Tin wedding Diamond jewellery 
11th Steel wedding Fashion jewellery
12th Silk wedding Pearls
13th Lace wedding Textiles
14th Ivory wedding Gold Jewellery 
15th Crystal wedding Watches
20th Porcelain wedding Platinum
25th Silver wedding Silver
30th Pearl wedding Ivory
35th Coral wedding Jade
40th Ruby wedding Ruby
45th Sapphire wedding Sapphire
50th Golden wedding Gold
55th Emerald wedding Emerald
60th Diamond wedding Diamond
65th Blue Sapphire wedding Blue Sapphire
70th Platinum wedding Brilliant
75th Diamond  wedding Diamond
80th Oak wedding Diamonds, pearls 

Wedding Vows Renewal

Some also remember their wedding by renewing their wedding vows. That isn’t done officially in the town hall. However, it is a beautiful and romantic way to show your love. This event happened traditionally on the occasion of the golden wedding anniversary in the past. But don’t worry, you don’t have to wait 50 years to renew your vows. You can do that whenever you like. Some people also organize a little party and invite the whole family and close friends. On the other hand, it can involve only you and your partner. In the end, you two will spend the rest of your lives together, so make great memories and live life to the fullest.