Hair is an irreplaceable part of every woman’s beauty – it is the most natural accessory that a woman can have. Every bride is looking for stunning hairstyle ideas while preparing for her dream wedding. It doesn’t matter how long her hair is. There is an enormous number of bridal hairstyles so that every bride can find her own. In this article, you can find numerous bridal hairstyles ideas for every unique bride.

Hairstyles for short hair

You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect hairstyle, even if you have shorter hair. It may be harder to create some creative and complicated hairstyles with short hair. However, it is ideal for adding more and more decorations for the hair. 

There are no boundaries when it comes to hair decorations. You may use a flower wreath, some little beads, crystals or a tiara. If you desire to look extra feminine and elegant, don’t be afraid and use extravagant accessories. Keep in mind that matching your accessories with your dress and the wedding style is a must. Believe us, you don’t need waist-length hair to give yourself a creative and unique wedding hairdo. For example, if your hair is a medium or a short bob, there are numerous hairstyle variations to choose from. 

  • Align your hair or create an inverted horseshoe bob, which looks more elegant and feminine. 
  • Give yourself a simple fringe. That will give you even more ideas for your short hair.
  • Giving your hair a slick look with the use of flat iron is perfect for short bobs. However, a slightly wavy look is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Having medium length hair is so popular due to its practicality and variability. The key to hairstyles with medium hair is to create as much volume as you can. 

Lifeless hair is a big no for weddings. If your hair is straight, try using a curling iron or give yourself a professional blowout. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, try to make the waves more defined and visible. 

The base of hairstyle for fine hair can be made by braiding the hair into a simple braid. If you leave the braids overnight, you’ll have a natural wave in your hair in the morning. That will save you time, and you won’t have to damage your hair with a curling iron. 

  • The best way to achieve natural waves is by creating one or two big braids. 
  • If you want the waves to be smaller, braid them into many little braids. That will help you create more complicated hairstyles later. 
  • You can also leave your hair loose and secure it with hair spray or gel. If you don’t want to leave your hair minimalistic, add some little braids or accessories.


The most popular bridal hairstyle is, without discussion, a bun. The great thing about a bun is that you can easily create it with medium length hair. There are various unique ways of creating one.

  • You can braid medium hair and tie it up into a simple bun.
  • Another variety is an elegant slick bun or a modern messy bun. Those messy buns can also look elegant if done the right way. They will add a sparkle to your face, with the addition of you not dealing with annoying baby hairs on your face.
  • If you’re looking for something unique, try a side bun. The asymmetry of it makes your face appear unique and elegant.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

It’s not an easy task to create hairstyles with long hair. Do you want your hair to be loose or tied up? Your wedding hairstyle should be something unique, something you don’t wear every day. And you should feel stunning and glorious. 

So don’t be afraid to choose something unusual or extravagant. For example, if your wedding gown is big and glittery, your hair should match it. Don’t forget that you can combine your hair with a veil, but it is not a rule you have to follow. The advantage of having long hair is that you have an enormous number of options. 

  • If you desire only one big braid but want to look feminine and elegant, try a fish braid. 
  • Do you want your face to shine and make it pop? Try a french braid. This braid can be made out of 2 braids. You can try a reverse french braid – also called the boxer braid.
  • Even softer is combining small braids with loose hair. Tying them up together will make them look elegant and practical.

You can also curl your loose hair with an iron curler – this will give it more volume and bounce. Combining the curls with hair accessories is also a great idea. Try small pearls or beads. That will make it look loving and soft. If you’re planning a boho style wedding, complete your hairstyle with a flower wreath.

50’s Wedding Hairstyles

The 1950s became an inspiration for weddings, probably because of their femininity and elegance. This era was also full of new hairstyles. If you desire a 50’s inspired wedding, you need some curls and waves. Don’t worry about the length of your hair. The only thing that mattered was the overall trimmed look.

Women in that era used to backcomb their hair and comb up it into a bun or a ponytail. A favourite accessory was a headband, ideally matched to the colour of the dress. Be sure to curl your hair and use a lot of hair spray for your wedding. Also, don’t hold back on the makeup. The usual colour of lips is red with bold black eyeliner and a pair of false lashes.

Hair Cosmetics

Your bridal hairstyle isn’t perfect without quality hair care. Take care of your hair so it would look healthy and shiny on the day of your wedding. One month before your wedding is an ideal time to start professional hair treatment.

Hair Care

It is essential to choose a quality hair brand, so your hair would get the care they need. Get some advice from your friend or family if you don’t want to buy something you don’t know. Mind that every hair is different, so what works for others might not work for you. For example, if your hair is dyed, you need something different from a woman with natural hair.

  1. Start with shampoo and conditioner. These should be specialised for a specific type of hair – coloured, oily, dry or damaged. Using the right shampoo and conditioner is the first step for improving your hair quality. The shampoo and conditioner should also be from the same brand so that you’ll get the full effect. Apply the shampoo only to the roots and the conditioner to the ends of the hair. Doing that will keep your scalp clean. 
  2. Hair vitamins can also help you with your hair. Some several brands and reviews will surely help you choose the supplement you need. You should even know that the quality of the hair is affected by your health and lifestyle. A balanced diet, exercise and sleep are notably effective.

Fixation of te Hair

You won’t need hair products only before the wedding. A product, which you’ll need all-around is hair spray. Hair spray will help you keep your hair in place all day, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart. As always, there are many types of hair sprays, but make sure to buy strong or extra strong – these won’t disappoint you.

Hair Accesories

Any bridal hairstyle can be combined with various accessories. The most traditional one is a veil, which should match the colour of your dress. Even a shade darker or lighter can make you look less pleasing. 

Are you dreaming of a wedding where you’ll look just like a princess from a fairytale? Use a tiara as your hair accessory. Tiara will look amazing on loose hair or tied up hair. Decent tiaras with small gemstones are fashionable today, but more sophisticated tiaras are also an option.

Small Accesories

Decorative combs, hairpins and other accessories look stunning in more complicated hairstyles, such as bun or braids. Small gemstones, pearls or flowers are also popular options. Decorating your hair with these will make your hair appear more soft and tender. 

A similar accessory is a headband. You can choose from a lot of different types, creating unique looks. Headbands can be made with flowers, lace, pearls or gemstones.

Hairstyles with Flowers

Flowers in the hair are a stunning accessory, which makes your face brighter and colourful. A flower wreath is the most popular option. The disadvantage of flowers in your hair is that they can die fast without water. So keep an eye on them throughout the day. If you need something more subtle, try putting only one or two flowers in your hair. Orchids or lilies are a favourite choice. 

Bridal Hairstyles and Their Price

The price of your hairstyle varies depending on its difficulty. Some hairstyles are simple, meaning you can easily do them at home. However, hairdressers can help you with the fresh-cut and colour of your hair. You should be informed if the price includes the rehearsal, which should happen one or two months before the wedding. It is possible that some hairstyles can’t be created with your hair. Also, the hairdresser should help you match the hair to your dress and the wedding style. 

Your wedding day requires a considerable amount of various preparations, including your bridal hairstyle. Get yourself enough time to choose your unique hairstyle. Leaving the hair preparation for the last few weeks before the wedding is definitely not a great idea. Look for ideas and inspiration online, or take some advice from your family and friends. Always make sure you feel beautiful and unique with your hair – your dream wedding day awaits.