Wedding preparations require precision even in the smallest details. The dress selection always requires the biggest attention. In the end, every bride wants to feel her best in her wedding gown. The dress picking is related to the shoe selection, which needs almost as much attention as the dress. It is crucial not to underestimate the wedding shoes – make sure you study the measurements and other aspects of the shoe selection process. By doing this, you’ll walk the aisle in your perfect wedding shoes.

Heel Height

The height of the heel affects how comfortable you’ll feel in your shoes. It is essential to follow your own experience with different heels. If you’re used to walking on high heels daily, you needn’t worry about it. But if you walk in heels only occasionally, you might want to consider low-heeled shoes or a shoe wedge.


Wedding shoes without heels are not a frequent choice, but they sure are a choice. Their advantage is their comfy feel and the stability you have in them. They sadly don’t fit the vibe of formal weddings. However, feel free to wear them if you’ll have a wedding in nature.

Low Heels

Low heels are a favourite when you desire some heel but still want to feel comfy and stable on your own feet. So if you prefer the comfort of three to six centimetres high heels over an extra fashionable look, choose those. You’ll still look elegant and feminine in them, plus you won’t trip over your feet!

High Heels

High-heeled shoes are so popular mainly because of their elegance, feminine feel and the appearance they give to your legs. That doesn’t mean that you have to wear high heels on your wedding day. If you can’t walk in them, or just don’t feel like yourself, choose something else. You would only feel uncomfortable and sore all day. So don’t feel bad for not wearing them.

Wedge Shoes

Those are alternatives to those who want feminine wedding shoes but are too scared to walk on high heels. Wedge shoes are much more stable, meaning you won’t be afraid about falling or being stuck somewhere. So if you’re looking for an elegant, reliable variety, you’ll need white wedge shoes. These are also an option if you desire a wedding in a boho style.

Match the Shoes to your Dress

Many brides make the same mistake – they choose their wedding shoes before deciding about their wedding dress. If you haven’t chosen your wedding dress, you can’t buy your wedding shoes. That applies to all shoes – elegant princess, or comfortable wedge ones. Still, the shoes should fit your dress. 

  • You have to consider the length, colour and shape of your dress. The design and the height of the heel are chosen by this. 
  • All you have to do then is to look for the shoes that match your dress and that you would love to wear on your wedding day. 

Some women choose the pair of shoes they know they would wear later, not just on their wedding day. If you want that, choose a more neutral and simple style with a lower heel. Also, invest in quality – you’ll appreciate that. 

Don´t Forget about Comfort

You’ll spend the whole day on your feet, so being comfortable in your shoes is what you need. Focus on finding the pair that feels just right. In the end, this will be the pair in which you’ll walk the aisle, dance till morning and take wedding photos, which might be in unusual places. 

Comfort should be the first thing to think about while buying your shoes. That is related to the fact that you should buy your shoes a month before your wedding day, so you’ll have enough time to break them in.

How to Break in Leather Wedding Shoes

This question has a lot of various answers. If you don’t want to hurt your feet while walking in them for the first few times, give them to the professionals. Very often, they can stretch the new shoes for you. This process usually takes a few days, but you won’t have to do anything, and your feet won’t be sore. 

If you want to break your shoes in yourself, start slowly. Begin with wearing them at home with socks for only a few minutes a day so the shoes will stretch quickly and you won’t be in any pain. Sometimes even though you choose the right size of shoes, they can start to slip off your feet. Luckily, this problem is easily solved, so you don’t unnecessarily have to go and buy a new pair. Quick and easy fix are insoles. Stick them to the back of your shoe and stop worrying about your feet slipping.

Matching the Colours

You first need to focus on the colour shades to make everything fit together. Matching the colour of your shoes to your dress can sometimes be quite challenging. Why? Well, finding two same shades of white is much more difficult than it seems. Be sure to get the shades right, even the smallest shade difference can make everything seem out of place. 

  • Combining a white wedding dress with pastel coloured shoes is becoming more and more fashionable nowadays. However, a significant contrast between the colours is needed, which might not be easy. If you find it difficult, get professional help in some bridal shop. 

If you’re looking for something more extravagant, don’t forget about colourful wedding shoes. The favourite colour of wedding shoes is blue, due to the tradition where every bride should have something blue. Red, yellow or purple are also a favourite option.

Should I Paint My Wedding Shoes

If you have some wedding shoes at home, but don’t fancy their colour, some try to paint them by themselves. We advise you not to do it. The paint usually doesn’t stick to most materials of wedding shoes, so the outcome wouldn’t be what you desired. Instead, try finding new shoes in the colour you like.

Wedding Shoes Depending on the Season

If you are preparing for an indoor wedding, the weather won’t probably bother you. However, if your wedding will happen outside in nature, you’ll have to adjust your shoe selection to it. 

It can be especially difficult to find appropriate shoes for a winter wedding. They need to be adjusted to the winter, matched to your dress and also comfortable. Summer is the best for wedding shoe selection, but what about other seasons?


Don’t be afraid to wear high boots during your winter wedding. There are a number of different varieties of white boots, which can be worn at the wedding. You can choose from different styles, materials and designs. You can always hide them under your dress so the guests won’t notice them.

Spring and Autumn

The weather in spring or autumn isn’t always great for open sandals. The day may be rainy or foggy so closed shoes with some warmth layer are a must. Beware high and thin heels. Your heel might get stuck in the grass when the ground is soaked with water or fog.

Wedding Shoes for Man

The groom also needs a pair of wedding shoes, which will match his suit. It may seem like men don’t have that big of a selection when it comes to shoes, but that is false. Even mens’ wedding shoes vary in shape, design and material. The biggest difference is in shoe lacing. For a formal occasion, a closed-lace is more fitted than an opened-lace. 

Another significant feature of men’s shoes is the colour, which is in question for many grooms. The main rule is that the shoes should be the darkest part of the grooms’ outfit. So most grooms wear a black suit with pitch-black shoes. But more colourful suits are becoming fashionable nowadays.

Brown Wedding Shoes

Brown shoes are also popular and they ideally match with light-coloured suits. If you don’t like the classic black suit, but don’t fancy wearing a brightly-coloured suit, try a navy-blue suit. Brown shoes look amazing with them plus you’ll still look elegant and masculine. Don’t forget the belt, which should match the colour and material of the grooms’ shoes.

Even Socks Are Important

Many times grooms spend hours selecting their shoes but totally forget about the socks. Your socks should be from quality material and match your shoe colour. Avoid materials with artificial fibres. Cotton socks are the best for the comfort of your feet. Your leg shouldn’t be seen while sitting, so pick the ideal length of your socks. 

Nobody should underestimate the choice of their wedding shoes. Especially focus on the comfort you’ll have in them – being in pain all your wedding day is not welcomed. Think about the little details and the overall style of the wedding – everything should match together. Those precise preparations will make your wedding day the best day of your life.