Would you like to have a calming and relaxing wedding? Are you in love with flowers and nature? Then a wedding in Boho style is what you’re looking for. Boho wedding is a peaceful, original and natural occasion, which can ideally reflect personalities of newlyweds.

Choosing the Perfect Place

Boho style weddings mainly focus on nature and everything connected to it. The place you are looking for should be soothing to the eye – think of something like a forest or meadow. Nowadays, places like a farm barn are becoming more and more popular because of its simplicity. These places are also very often located in a forest, making them perfect for a private wedding. 

It would be nice to let your guests know that the wedding will be outside in the woods. They surely want to be prepared and come in clothes and shoes that will be wearable in outdoor conditions. No woman wants to arrive at a wedding and later be viewed trying to walk in high heels on grass and mud. Also, their long dresses won’t look so good torn by a tree branch.


Decorations for this type of wedding should be inspired by nature. Having a long white table with colourful and glittery decorations wouldn’t be a great idea. Instead, focus on simplicity and flower motives. After all, there is beauty in simplicity, and Boho wedding is its evidence. 

You can decorate the tables with seasonal flowers in glass vases or mason jars, which you can decorate with bows. You could craft the coasters from round clippings of wood and place the nametags on pine cones. Instead of using the classic white table-cloth, try using jute. You can also add candles in lanterns as a final touch, which will bring out the romantic atmosphere even more. 

It wouldn’t be a wedding without a wedding gate. You can even craft the gate from wood and decorate it with flowers, feathers and leaves. In the end, you will say your “I do” under this gate, so decorate it as you like.

If you don’t fancy wooden chairs, you can always use comfy pillows, which you could place on the ground around the place where the ceremony will happen.

Always keep in mind that the wedding isn’t just the tables and ceremony place. It is the whole spot of your wedding. So play with details and decorate even more – place lanterns on the trees, attach your photographs around the tree trunk. To spark up the magical atmosphere, add lanterns with candles to the corners of the whole place.

Wedding Cake

The “naked” wedding cakes are more and more popular nowadays. It is a cake with corpus, which is not coated with marzipan, but with cream. The cream isn’t smeared all over the cake with the corpus peeking through in some spots. Try to decorate the cake with some goodies from nature, such as forest berries, flowers, pine cones and herbs.

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress shouldn’t be fluffy and princess style. It should look like it belongs to a fairy. Boho wedding is about lace and flowing silhouette. It is crucial that you feel comfortable in your wedding dress. The colour of the gown should be white, light beige or light pink.

Say goodbye to high heels and try on some summer sandals. You will feel comfortable in them so you surely won’t lose balance in them and fall while walking in a forest or on a meadow.

Weddings in nature are more free and relaxed then weddings in the town hall or a castle. Even the groom can feel comfy. Linen trousers, a shirt without a bow and tie and rolled up sleeves. He will surely appreciate that he doesn’t have to sweat under the sun in a dark suit on a hot summer afternoon.

Wedding Bouquet

A wedding bouquet is for all brides one of the main parts of the whole wedding. Try to match it with all decorations and with your wedding gown. Forget about round and full bouquets of roses. Boho bouquet should be as flowing as you dress. It should be free and wild and look like you just found the flowers on a meadow few minutes before the ceremony. Take some seasonal flowers and mix them up with some bracken, lichens, rose hips, wheat and other plants.

Hairstyle and Makeup

Make your hairstyle and makeup as simple as it can be. Don’t forget about buns, curls, waves and hair accessories, such as silver tiaras or veil. Prefer having your hair down or in a braid. The overall look of the hairstyle should be more careless than slick. Braid in fresh flowers or make a flower wreath with flowers, which will match the ones in your wedding bouquet. 

Avoid doing smokey or vivid eyeshadows and bright coloured lips. Less is more – this counts twice in our case. 

Even men shouldn’t be sleek. The groom doesn’t have to be freshly shaved – it’s a good idea to let your beard grow. His hair can also be a little bit messy, so no hair jell needed.

You won’t find any overdecorating, glittery accessories, bold makeup and over the top princess wedding dresses in Boho style. Weddings in this style are the reflection of your personalities and everything you love. If you like motives of nature, simplicity and ease, Boho wedding is the one for you.