FabergĂ©, a fine jewellery brand, celebrated its 180-year anniversary this July, introducing its latest capsule collection. The anniversary collection is inspired by Peter Carl Fabergé’s technique. This fluted gold creation technique was highly known and used by FabergĂ© in his artwork. The limited edition collection includes 180 egg objets and a new fluted egg pendant – each crafted from 18k rose gold and Gemfields Mozambican rubies which add a pop of colour.

‘The Limited-Edition Rose Gold & Ruby Mini Fluted ‘180’ Egg Objet’ is a mini art wort with a height of 62mm and a diameter of 35mm and is limited to only 180 pieces. ‘The Colours of Love Rose Diamond & Ruby ‘180’ Fluted Egg Pendant’ complements the Egg objet and also includes a Gemfields Mozambican ruby at the base of the egg.

Source: Faberge.com