Are you a gemstone’s ring lover? Do you love to wear beautiful rings daily? Do you believe in the significance of gems in your life? If yes, then Peach Sapphire is one of the most beautiful rings that you can buy for you or your partner? Well, many questions can arise in your mind related to Peach Sapphire like why Peach Sapphire ring is famous, From where this unique gemstone comes from, multiple options of peach champagne sapphire, etc.

If you want to know the answers to the above questions, then take a look at the Perfect Guide on Peach Sapphires.

What is the Meaning of Peach Sapphire?

Peach Sapphire is a gemstone that is highly known for banishing evil spirits and prized in many cultures for its features. Apart from that, Peach Sapphire is an ideal option for bridal jewellery.

Peach sapphire is known as the stone of royalty, wisdom, and divine. It is also acknowledged as champagne sapphire because the Morganite‘s colour and hardness of corundum give a pretty pink colour, which is unmatched.

According to the ancient jewellery study and research, it is found that Peach Sapphires comes from Sri Lanka and Madagascar. These sapphires are valuable and have a high demand in the jewellery market.

Colour Options in Pink Sapphires

A Peach Sapphire ring comes in multiple hues like orange, violet, and yellow that also includes soft peach, vivid tangerine, and lemon colour. 

When we talk about the price, nature, and look, Pink Sapphire comes on the top in the list of most affordable, durable, and pretty rings. If you wear Pink Sapphire with rose gold and yellow gold, then it will enhance the look of your engagement ring.

Peach sapphire vs. Morganite

Sapphires belong to the mineral corundum family, and Morganite belongs to the Beryl family. One of the significant drawbacks of Morganite is that they can’t spark or shine like sapphires. 

Peach Sapphire and Morganite indeed come in pretty peachy-pink colours, but remember the ideal colours of both the rings or stones are different. It means Morganite comes in pure pink colour, and Peach sapphires come in light pink or peach tones. Morganite has a hardness of 7 due to which you can’t wear morganite rings daily. And Pink Sapphire has a hardness of 9, which is harder and can be worn on a daily basis. 

The refractive index of sapphire is more than any other stone which results in maximum ideal brilliance. So, when we compare peach sapphire vs.Morganite, the peach sapphire looks more appropriate and livelier than Morganite. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a beautiful Peach Sapphire ring now and enhance the look of your hand.

Morganite Ring

Rose Gold Morganite Ring with Diamonds

Why are peach sapphire rings popular?

We all know that most of the girls like pink colour and Peach sapphire is a perfect match for all skin types. The combination of Peach Sapphire and rose gold increases the tone of peach sapphire. 

Well, you will be glad to hear that Peach Sapphires are not as expensive as diamonds and other engagement rings. The demand for peach champagne sapphire is increasing day by day due to its extraordinary features and pretty look. 

In short, Peach Sapphires are scratch-resistant and more durable as compared to other stones and rings. 

Are you looking for different sapphire cuts? If yes, then you can choose oval and cushion cut because both these cuts are most popular in the jewellery market. So, If you are planning to buy a Peach Sapphire ring, then select any cut as per your choice or preference. Peach sapphires have good lustre and clarity.

Enhance the beauty of your hand with a beautiful Peach Sapphire Ring!