If we would talk about the latest jewellery options, we have to mention that Palladium is becoming more popular in the jewellery market. Millions of couples are looking for pretty traditional engagement rings and wedding bands, and a palladium engagement ring is usually a perfect deal. Palladium is similar to platinum metal but has several benefits that make it a unique and excellent choice.

Are you looking for the perfect jewellery metal for your engagement ring? If yes, then this is the right place where you will get to read about precious jewellery band metals such as Palladium, Platinum, and white gold. While choosing an engagement ring or a wedding ring, the design is not the only essential factor to consider. The colour, weight, and quality of the band are also crucial factors that you should focus on while buying your engagement jewellery.

Do you know about the quality of Palladium Jewellery? Do you know why palladium jewellery is so popular nowadays? Do you recognise the palladium jewellery pros and cons? If you can’t figure out an answer to these questions, look at the facts about palladium rings and jewellery.

What is Palladium

Palladium is a rare, lustrous, and naturally white precious metal. It is a pure precious metal, lighter, and affordable. Due to its weight, wearing palladium rings, palladium earrings, and other palladium jewellery is comfortable and ideal for everyday wear. It is one of the six platinum group metals and is hypoallergenic. It is a perfect choice for those people who want to buy beautiful palladium wedding rings at an affordable price.

Palladium vs Platinum

When we talk about Palladium and Platinum, both metals are precious and the same in the look. Both Palladium and Platinum react as a catalyst in the jewellery and help in maintaining the bright white colour with no dullness. Palladium and Platinum differ in density and price.

Platinum is highly recommended for gentlemen’s jewellery as it is much denser than Palladium. Heavier and thicker metals are indeed more durable than any other metal.

Palladium wedding rings are more suitable for ladies due to the lightweight of Palladium. Both metals are tougher than 14K Gold rings. When it comes to rating the hardness on the Mohs scale of hardness, Platinum has the number four, and Palladium has the number five. One of the most significant differences between those precious metals is the surface of the metal.

Palladium is about 10% more scratch-resistant compared to Platinum. When it comes to choosing a stunning and elegant wedding ring, young couples look for the quality, design, colour, and weight of the metal or jewellery. That’s the reason why Palladium wedding rings became extremely popular over the last ten years. Another reason is the cost of the Palladium rings – Platinum wedding rings cost twice as much as Palladium rings.

Palladium and White Gold

We all know that gold has a yellow colour, and other metals are white. If you want to get a natural and shiny white tone, it is essential to add a white metal. Palladium white gold is created by the combination of Palladium and pure gold. To achieve a beautiful white sheen Palladium is added in the Traditional White Gold jewellery. Palladium is well-known for offering elegant white and stunning looks to jewellery pieces, such as palladium engagement rings. 

Palladium white gold jewellery is an ideal option for those people who are having allergic reactions to the nickel content present in the White gold jewellery pieces. It also requires less maintenance and doesn’t require any plating. 

Palladium Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

As said before, Palladium wedding bands and engagement rings are so popular nowadays due to their low price, lightweight, hypoallergenic feature and unique and elegant white sheen. They don’t get scratched easily and don’t look dull after years of wearing which makes them absolutely perfect for everyday wear. Their price is not as high as Platinum, even though it looks as elegant and luxurious as Platinum.

So, are you looking for the best metal for your wedding rings and engagement rings? If yes, one of the best and most affordable choices is to buy yourself a stunning Palladium ring.

Jewellery Designers Working with Palladium

Many famous jewellers work with Palladium. Here are some of them: