Recently, mysterious eternity rings full of symbolism and hidden meanings appeared at the forefront of the glittering world of jewellery. Let’s take a look at them today.

Eternity ring – a ring without end and beginning?

An eternity ring is made to be a symbol of infinite love and life. It is a ring that decorates some part or the whole length of the circumference of diamonds or other gems which type and colour depend on the purchaser. The stones are usually cut into the same shape and are placed close together in a metal hoop. “Complete” eternity rings beautify precious stones completely – so we will not discover the beginning or end of the row. On the other hand, “half” eternity rings, as their name suggests, can only boast embedded gems in the upper half of the ring. Some argue that half-types are more practical. Others prefer elegant full rings because they better fit the idea of ​​eternity and infinity.

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An eye-catching symbol of undying love

The eternity ring became famous as the perfect gift for special milestones of the relationship. When can you give an eternity ring to your person of choice? This gem is usually given in the gift box on the day of the wedding anniversary. However, romantic souls can also please him or her on Valentine’s Day or under the Christmas tree. A lot of women also dream of the “ring of eternity” at their wedding, which is why eternity wedding rings are also popular.

The design of the ring, that is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, is intended to evoke the most romantic moments in the couple’s life. It is said that each diamond in the eternity ring represents an important common moment, such as the first date, the first kiss, the first religion, etc. The eternity ring is also very often given to a woman by her boyfriend or husband after giving birth to their first child and welcoming her or him to the family.

Ever since ancient Egypt, the eternity of the ring has symbolized infinite life and love. After all, a well-crafted piece set with artfully cut stones can become an appreciated family heritage that can be passed down from generation to generation, just like the miracle of life.


Wedding rings are traditionally worn closest to the heart and the engagement ring is placed onto the wedding ring to make sure that the wedding ring never comes off. Where to wear an eternity ring is 100% up to you. Some people wear it on top of the wedding ring and some people wear it on the other hand. Wearing it on the middle finger is also an option.