Is your wedding day coming soon, and are you starting to look for your wedding rings? Have you ever thought about the symbolism of those rings? Do you know which finger is supposed to be the ring finger? In this article, you’ll find all the answers to those questions and even more.

The origin of wedding rings

Wedding rings have a fascinating and rich history. Different accessories and jewellery were created as civilisation began to develop. A ring has always been a symbol of power, prosperity, love and marriage. The first record of symbolising rings as a connection between men and women comes from ancient Egypt. The ring was a thin piece of metal curved into a circle.

Not everyone had the option to give their loved one jewellery made out of metal. That leads to the usage of other material which Egyptians found along the Nile. Ancient Egyptians used reek, wood or grass to make their unique rings.

Giving a woman a piece of jewellery is also mentioned in the Bible. In the Old Testament, we can find a case where a man is giving his wife a nose ring and arm bracelets. It’s worth mentioning that this wasn’t connected to marriage. The tradition of rings marriage is much younger. 

Historians estimate that today’s tradition of wearing a wedding ring comes from Romans. Neither Jews nor Greeks did not use rings as the main wedding gift and symbol. The Romans first used the ring just as a symbol of engagement. Then, in the ninth century, people created the first wedding ring.

What is the symbol of rings?

As soon as you see a man or a woman with a wedding ring, you can bet that they are married. But why are rings the symbol of marriage and not any other jewellery? 

As said before, the ancient Egyptians choose rings to be the symbol of love and marriage. It is a circle, which means infinity and eternity – those represent the infinite love and loyalty between two people.

Types of wedding rings

We divide wedding rings into several types depending on the material, design and size. The design plays a significant role in choosing the right one. It is crucial that you and your partner love your rings and feel comfortable with them. You can choose from various profiles, finishes, width or decorations.

There are various profiles of rings. Among the most popular are:

  • D-Shaped Wedding Rings
  • Comfort Wedding Rings
  • Flat Wedding Rings
  • Concave Wedding Rings
  • Trapezoid Wedding Rings

Polished wedding rings are among the most popular. However, the selection of wedding finishes is wide. You can also get sandblasted, hammered, pebbled or satin finishes. 

Choose the finish of your ring based on your style and practicality. The polished finish looks stunning, but it can quite easily look worn off.

Selecting the correct width of your ring can sometimes be challenging. As always, how comfortable it feels on your hand is what matters the most. Generally, we can say that thin rings are better for slim fingers. 

There are tons of options when it comes to designing your wedding ring. The first and most popular option is writing on your wedding ring. You can sign there your names, initials, date of the wedding, or anything you like. Another option is decorating with gemstones. Those are ideally diamonds or zircons, but you can choose whatever you please. Women especially love to put those shining stones on their wedding rings because of their elegant and feminine look. 

The most challenging task may be choosing the correct size of your wedding ring. That can be easily avoided by trying the rings on in a shop. The employees can help you find your size, and you can leave the shop with a right that fits perfectly. However, you can also shop online. Every jewellery shop should have a chart with sizes and a guide on finding your size, so don’t worry.

Custom wedding rings vs bought online

That is entirely up to you. Both options have some advantages and disadvantages.

If you decide to buy your rings online, choose carefully and don’t get fooled. The great advantage is that you’re saving time, which you can spend on your wedding preparations.

On the other hand, buying a custom ring can be time-consuming. Luckily, you’ll spend this time with your loved one. Also, you’ll get professional advice and opinion and you’ll see your options in front of you, so you exactly know what you are buying.

How much will you pay for those rings?

The price varies. It depends on which material you’ll choose, what shape, polish and design. Also, the place or the shop where you buy your rings has some influence on the price. The average price in the UK is around £1500, but you can get pieces for £100 or even £3000.

On which hand should I wear my wedding ring?

You should only wear your wedding ring on the fourth finger of your left hand. The reason is that your left hand is closer to your heart than the right. Another practical reason is that we use the right hand much more than the left. If you would wear it on the right hand, it could get in the way, and it would scratch and lose its shine faster.