Gold jewellery concept and characteristics

Jewellery is beauty accessories dating back to thousands of years. A set of jewellery consists of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and bracelets, usually made from precious materials such as platinum, gold, and is complemented with the appearance of Diamonds and gems. 

One of the materials classified as “classics” in the art of jewellery making is gold. Pure gold usually has a characteristic yellow colour, has a good ability to reflect light, and possesses plasticity properties, so it is easy to mould and shape. To be able to make gold into durable jewellery over time, gold must be mixed with the same metal in the right proportions to form a gold alloy of different hardness and colour. Therefore, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold are classified in the group of jewellery gold (mixed gold). 

Experts use the carat unit to assess the purity of gold and divide it into 3 categories: 14K, 18K, and 24K gold. Gold has a higher carat level, the longer the shine will stay and it rarely causes allergies. Gold jewellery is always a luxury item, precious not only because of its material value, but also these items always contain profound meanings. That is why people do not regret money when spending a large amount of money to own this luxury item. 

Colourfast gold jewellery

Gold jewellery has the advantage of being colourfast, not rust, not changing its physical and chemical properties over time ( Therefore, these products always have high physical and aesthetic value, are compact, easy to buy, sell, and store. Buying gold jewellery is also a smart investment channel when gold jewellery is less volatile and brings long-term benefits. 

Gold jewellery in medicine 

Since ancient times, people have soon discovered that gold works to treat pain and heal wounds. They found that when the body is in pain or has an open wound, putting gold on it helps prevent infection. The ancient Romans used gold to treat skin infections, and dermatologists today believe that gold has the ability to heal the skin, making it bright and smooth, according to research published on the National Biotechnology Information page. People with arthritis should wear gold to ease painful feelings in their hands and feet (NCBI). 

Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical practices. Acupuncturists use needles with a gold tip to relieve pain and release energy flows in the body. Gold also has an effective immune effect. Pathogens are always around us so wearing gold jewellery will act as a “shield” to protect the body from bacteria, increase immunity, and make you healthier. 

Life always has a lot of pressure, causing people to fall into a state of extreme stress, even depression, and exhaustion. You can overcome this by wearing gold jewellery as it has positive energy, fixing body, or mental problems. This positive energy source brings warm, soothing vibrations, relaxes blood vessels, and enhances the distribution of oxygen to cells, promoting all parts of the body to function optimally, avoiding disease. Besides, wearing gold jewellery also works to help you increase your confidence, easily interact with people, improve your good emotions. 

According to Dazzling Rock, the human body is prone to temperature changes, so wearing gold will help you limit the feeling of chills, hot flashes, … Menopausal women who are on hot wear often wear gold jewellery to help lower their body. heat, temperature balance. 

Types of beautiful gold jewellery are popular in the world today

Fashion is a non-stop movement, constantly innovating, continuously creating and inspiring. But for those who love the nostalgic brilliance of gold, it is impossible not to own jewellery from this material as an inevitable reward for themselves. Let’s take a look at the types of gold jewellery that are trending in the world nowadays. 

White gold jewellery

White gold is an alloy of gold and other precious metals created by special metallurgy technology, in which gold is the main element (occupying a large concentration in the alloy, usually 58.3% Au (14K) ) to 75% Au (18K) Due to the special properties of the alloy, the yellow colour has been lost in white gold, but its nature remains unchanged, so it is still called gold. 

White gold has become a prevailing fashion trend in the world in recent times. Especially in Eastern countries such as Korean, Japanese white gold is called a “generation transfer material” because it has satisfied the old people (its nature is still gold) but still trendy with the younger generation. With youthful, modern, and elegant white colour to create a trendy and elegant style for users. 

Rose gold jewellery

Rose Gold is also known as Russian Gold. Their characteristic colour is slightly bronze, so they were very popular in Russia in the 19th century. Not having the pure white colour like platinum or brilliant yellow of pure gold, rose gold jewellery evokes contact. delicate feeling, bringing a feeling of warmth, warmth, depth, and happiness. 

Rose gold jewellery is also very easy to combine with gemstones, at the same time colour it with casual clothes that favour neutral tones such as white, grey, or pastel. In addition, if pure gold or silver makes the men seem too exaggerated, “cheesy”, rose gold will highlight the nobility and elegance for the gentlemen. 

Jewellery can be crafted from almost any type of gold. 24K gold has the highest purity but is quite soft, easy to deform when used, and less diverse designs because it is difficult to attach gems and polish. Therefore, most jewellery is made of low-aged gold such as 18K, 14K to have higher hardness, better withstand external impacts, rich and modern designs, so the price is reasonable, suitable for everyday wear. 

Guide to choose gold jewellery that is suitable for yourself 

Gold jewelry is a premium accessory that celebrates the beauty and personality of each person. Knowing to choose the right jewelry for the face, personality and outfits will increase the owner’s beauty. Here are the tips that cannot be ignored for you to know how to choose the best gold jewelry for you. 

Choose gold jewelry that matches your personality 

If you are a traditional person, you should choose gold jewellery styles with classic designs, soft lines with traditional symbols such as cubes (circle, square, triangle), heart, drops water, 4-leaf grass, … If you are the type of person who is passionate, loves fashion, you should choose the style of gold jewellery with a personality, a large version to make an impression. Pay attention to combine gold jewellery with hairstyles and facial shapes in a harmonious way. 

Choose gold jewellery that matches your face 

After recognizing the face shape, you will find it easier to choose the right jewellery style to be able to maximize your beauty. 

The round face is suitable for the teardrop shape, long shape, and slightly angled shape. Neck strap should choose a slim strap, light texture, slightly longer to create a slim face. Avoid choosing a neck strap, many cumbersome stones make your face bigger. 

The triangular, heart-shaped face has a pointed chin that is suitable for long-form earrings with a hook. The necklace should choose a short shape, hold the neck close to creating contrast, overcome facial blemishes, make the chinless pointed and soft. 

The text-filled face is suitable for small earrings, close to the ear, round, or string to create contrast and reduce edges. You should also choose a tight neck ring with elaborate weathering, attached to gems to attract attention. 

The oval face is every girl’s dream because it is suitable for all types of earrings. If your neck is long, you should choose a neck hug. If the neck is a bit short, choose a long and thin one. 


The diamond rings, earrings, and necklaces are not only a trend, but also become popular, favoured by ladies. Understanding how to position yourself and choose jewellery products that match your personality or clothes, women’s jewellery will become a powerful assistant in expressing a woman’s position in modern society without any words.