While choosing or buying jewellery, every individual thinks about the colour, style, design, and metal of the jewellery piece. Some attributes come into play- Is the selected piece of jewellery durable? Will you wear jewellery every day or on special occasions? Do you like the selected ring? Do you know the colour that you chose suits your skin tone? It’s not only about picking a design and colour, but it’s also about quality, durability, metal, etc. Especially in the case of wedding and engagement rings.

When it comes to the latest trend, white metals like platinum never fades and never goes dull. But when you plan for buying an engagement ring, it is important to choose the right metal for your ring according to your style.

You probably have some options to choose between white gold jewellery, platinum jewellery, and gold jewellery. You might be thinking which metal option is best. So, we are here to explain the pros and cons of platinum jewellery.

What is platinum?

Platinum is one of the rarest, precious, distinguished, and naturally occurring white metal which is much harder than other metals. Due to its hardness, it can be used in the pure form as compared to gold. You will be shocked to hear that platinum jewellery is more expensive than any metal jewellery like gold jewellery.

Pros & Cons of Platinum Jewellery

Just like white gold, rose gold, and palladium, platinum comes with an array of pros and cons as a metal. Here is the list of pros of Platinum Jewellery:

The appearance of Platinum

If you love to wear wedding and engagement rings in white metal, then platinum wedding rings will be the best option for you as such type of wedding rings come in silvery-white colour which makes it unique and more beautiful as compared to other rings.

Durability of Platinum

Platinum metal is considered one of the most durable metals in all-metal families. It is said that a platinum wedding ring or any platinum jewellery can tolerate too much stress; thus, it is strong.

Platinum is Hypoallergenic

Majority of the people can wear any metal jewellery, but it is important to know that some metals like gold can cause allergic reactions on the skin.
You can trigger allergic reactions by wearing platinum wedding rings, Platinum necklace, etc.

The people who feel irritated while wearing gold jewellery can go for platinum jewellery. One of the biggest advantages of platinum is that anyone can wear this metal without any worry.

Permanent Colour and Classy Look

Platinum has a permanent colour which never dulls and looks pretty always. You can polish platinum jewellery anytime once it becomes worn.

Cons of Platinum Jewellery

The downside of platinum jewellery comes at the cost. Platinum jewellery is much more expensive than other metals like pure gold and white gold.

If you are planning to buy platinum jewellery for your wedding, then be ready with 25-30% extra budget.