Hair extensions are a procedure that is very popular among women who want to become owners of beautiful hair in a short time. However, there are cases where the hair begins to fall out even after a few days. In this article, we’ll tell you what to do in these situations, giving you practical tips and explaining why.

How often should hair extensions fall out?

It is worth noting that although hair extensions falling out after a week is a problem, the loss of keratin hair itself is a natural phenomenon. Depending on individual parameters and factors, as well as the quality of the treatment, the attached hair will remain intact from a minimum of two to a maximum of four months.

Why are my keratin hair extensions falling out?

There can be many reasons for excessive or premature loss of hair extensions, and among the most common ones, we distinguish, above all, incorrect conduct of the procedure. For this reason, before making the final decision about choosing a given beauty salon, you should carefully read the opinions about it. It is also worth paying attention to thoroughly cleaning the hair and scalp before going to the treatment, which will help prolong the effects. Hair loss can also be caused by improper hair care and dyeing. Remember to stock up on professional shampoos and conditioners, designed specifically for hair extensions.

How to protect hair extensions from loss?

Regardless of the choice of hair extension method, you should focus on their proper care, resigning from shampoos containing silicones, alcohol or fruit acids. Their strong impact on the hair structure may, in the long run, contribute to breaking the bonds, and thus accelerating hair loss. Also, give up the use of styling agents, such as hairsprays or dry shampoos, and instead, focus on gentle, yet effective care. Natural hair conditioners or lotions with moisturizing and nourishing effects may be necessary, which is especially important in the case of keratin hair. Attention! Remember that the hair can be treated with any shampoo only 24 hours after the end of the treatment.

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