Sequoia Paris is a fashion boutique that produces its own stylish handbags, crossbody bags, shoulder bags and wallets.

Collections are developed in their Parisian studio. They prioritize French manufacturing that brings dynamism and responsiveness to their productions.

The founder of Sequoia Paris

Sequoia was founded in 1988 by Daniel Sisso and fashion designer Pierre Hardy. 

Pierre Hardy server as a shoe designer for Christian Dior from 1987 to 1990. Pierre also worked as Hermès creative director for shoes and fine jewellery in 1999. In the same year, he also started his own brand, and from 2001 to 2013 worked with Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga footwear. After 2012, Pierre Hardy continued to work for Sequoia as its artistic director after Lancaster’s Thomas Tchen bought this fashion brand in 2012.

Quality and style

Sequoia is very popular for its quality leather products. Sequoia handbags are very popular because of the elegancy, luxury and timeless design that they represent. Sequoia’s collections prioritize French manufacturing that brings dynamism and responsiveness to their products.

This fashion brand can be easily identified with its ring sign that is seen across all Sequoia Paris bags and Sequoia Paris handbags. This elegant sign symbolizes “perpetual renewal” and really emphasizes the minimalistic style that Pierre Hardy created for this brand.

“Cow way Croco or suede, studded patent leather, sheepskin or textured slit, our Italian skins offer endless variations. The use of atypical materials, such as the resin of our handles, reflect the Arty and avant-garde spirit of SEQUOIA. “

Brand´s ambassador

Filipina actress Heart Evangelista shared in an interview with Preview that she has been a fan of this Parisian fashion brand’s products. After that, Sequoia chose Heart Evangelista to be its brand ambassador. Heart began to post Sequoia bags and handbags on her Instagram and now they are working on a limited edition designed by Heart herself.

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