Since 2007, Valérie Messika has been creating an ingenious Move line. Since that time, the jewellery style and aesthetic have evolved. However, a shining diamond is still the stunning heart of the jewel. So how did Messika get the idea of free moveable diamonds that became an unstoppable trend? While creating the pieces, Valérie was inspired by a childhood memory of her father – a well-known diamantaire, sliding a diamond in his fingers. That memory gave Valérie the desire to provide diamond freedom of movement and the Move line was created. This innovative concept broke the rules of jewellery and became a strong signature. 

Today, you can find more than 350 Move creations, ranging from Move Classique, Move Jewelry, Lucky Move, Move Noa, or My Move. Men aren’t left behind in the world of diamond jewellery – Move Titanium Jewelry is also a stunning jewellery collection.