On Match 10th, 2022, Tiffany & Co. announced its latest campaign featuring the global House ambassador, ROSÉ of BLACKPINK. This brand new campaign introduces her second Tiffany HadrWear campaign. The HardWear campaign, shot by Mario Sorrenti in New York City, showcases the artist wearing diamond-intensive designs from her collection. 

Tiffany HardWear was first seen in 2017 and soon became Tiffany’s world-known collection. ROSÉ is captured wearing not only existing pavé diamond Tiffany Hardwear styles, but also new necklace and bracelet. These two jewellery pieces will be released this July and are made with black titanium, 18K rose gold and diamonds. 

The campaign debuts all-round the world on Monday, March 14.

Source: Tiffany.com