Has your partner proposed recently, and you said yes? It is possible that soon after the proposal you’ll start to wonder if you can wear an engagement ring and wedding ring together after your big day. Honestly said, you definitely don’t have to put your engagement ring away after you said your vows. There are plenty of options on how to wear your engagement together with your wedding band.

Traditionally, the women wear their engagement rings on the ring finger of their left hand after the engagement. But why is that? It’s simple – the left hand is closer to the heart than the ring hand. Also, it is said that the “vein of love” flows through the left ring finger. This vein connects this specific finger with the heart. So, the engagement band on your left ring finger is the symbol of love, loyalty and devotion. 

However, it is not a rule you have to follow. Many to-be brides leave their left ring finger for upcoming wedding rings and wear their engagement rings on the right ring finger.

Your engagement ring after the wedding

Don’t hide your engagement ring right after the wedding day. You can still wear it with pride. You have many options for wearing the engagement ring, but always respect the tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the left ring finger. So how to combine an engagement ring with your new wedding ring?

Wedding ring on the left and engagement ring on the right

That is by far the most favourite combination. So move your engagement ring from the left to your right ring finger right before the wedding ceremony. The advantage of this option is that they can differ in colour, materials or even the whole design.

Both rings on the left ring finger

Your engagement ring can look stunning together with the wedding band, so just leave them to shine together on the same finger. However, it’s best to wear the engagement band above the wedding band, so it is closer to the heart.

This combination looks even more beautiful if the engagement ring is slim and delicate and the wedding band wider. Also, they should match each other in style, decor and material. It can be challenging to choose a matching wedding band for some. Luckily, ring sellers also sell them already combined.

Wedding ring on the left ring finger, engagement ring on the middle finger

The last option suggests wearing your wedding ring on the left ring finger and engagement ring on the left or right middle finger. Even this combination of your bands stands out. Same as the first option, you don’t have to worry about matching the rings, as they are not on the same hand.

And what about the index finger? Well, if you hold respect for curses you should stay away from that option. The wedding band on the index finger symbolized a desire for power.

What to do with an engagement ring on the day of the wedding?

Have you already decided which option of wedding and engagement band you’ll choose? In that case, think about what you’ll do with the engagement band on the day of your wedding. Even though it’s up to you, many recommend taking your engagement off to make space for the upcoming wedding ring. Feel free to wear your engagement ring again right after the ceremony.

Differences in the world

We wear our wedding band on the left hand and combine it with the engagement ring based on a catholic tradition. Rings are worn this way in Canada, USA, Italy, France or Netherlands. For example, in Poland, Russia or Greece, you can see people wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand. 

Even more complex is the situation in Scandinavia. Women from those regions wear three meaningful rings throughout their lives. The first one is the engagement, the second is the wedding and the third is gifted to her after she becomes a mother. 

There are many options for combining both rings after your big day. However, hold on to the traditional saying that the wedding ring’s place is on the ring finger of your left hand.