Every time when you think of a diamond what shape comes to your mind? round brilliant, square or oval but do you know before all these modern cuts in diamonds they used to be cut in rose cuts?

Yes, rose cut diamonds are famous for their facets which resembles a rosebud. Rose cuts are back again due to its style, and they are way better than ordinary cuts.

The speciality of these diamonds is that they are flat and appear to be larger if compared to regular diamonds.

Hence because of such features rose cut diamonds are cheaper than ordinary diamond shapes.

Use of rose-cut diamonds

Due to rose-cut diamonds, the trend of vintage and antique diamond jewellery has grown. Vintage jewellery takes us back to Edwardian age which reminds me of the old European era. One of the most famous rose cut diamond is Koh-I-Noor.

Rose-cut diamonds are the most common cut in black diamonds, salt, and pepper diamonds and rose-cut diamonds. The regular rose cut in white diamonds is famous too. Even though it doesn’t shine much but it gives an admiring look that cant stop one to stare at it.

Many art deco jewellers prefer to use old rose cut in round brilliant shape or other shapes too. Once you gaze into the rose-cut diamonds it will remind you of how close you are to nature.

Types of rose-cut diamonds.

Rose-cut Salt and Pepper Diamonds 

Salt and pepper diamonds are one in a million type of diamonds. They are known salt and pepper due to its unique colour pattern inside of the diamond. The black and white colour spots in it make it look like salt and pepper put inside of a diamond. Hence most of these diamonds are found in rose cuts. As it allows the diamond to look bigger and one can view the salt and pepper structure easily in rose cut shapes.

Rustic Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Rustic or opaque diamonds are known for their colourful inclusions inside the diamond. It looks like rust inside of the diamond since when it was formed. So to give it a gorgeous look, These diamonds are cut in rose cuts. The rose-cut shape has increased demand for rustic diamonds and hence one can find them only in rose cut to shape.

Rose Cut Black Diamonds 

Black diamonds are popular and famous for their jet black color, they don’t shine but due to their facets, they reflect a good amount of light. Hence, rose-cut shape in black diamonds looks brilliant and unique than ordinary cut. 

Just like a rose flower in black color, it looks vibrant and real. So, many people prefer rose cuts in black diamonds too. 

Due to such uniqueness in diamonds rose cut shape has brought an evolution in modern-day diamond jewelry. Most of the engagement rings with rose-cut diamonds have a great appeal and huge demand. Also one of the major benefits is that it doesn’t cost you much. 

Hence designing jewelry with the rose cut is going to bring more attention to your jewelry collection.