What is a promise ring and when do you wear it? What’s the meaning of it, and what is the difference between a promise ring and engagement ring? On what finger do you wear it, and how can you get one? In this article, we are going to answer all of these questions and tell you the basic information about promise rings.

What is a promise ring?

In most cases, a promise ring is a ring that is given from one person to the person they have a romantic relationship with. Promise rings can also be given in other relationships, for example, between friends meaning everlasting friendship or between the parent and a child.

A promise ring can also mean that you promised yourself to, for example, achieve your dream or your dream job, or to break a bad habit.

Promise ring meaning?

As known, the engagement ring is given after the proposal, and it symbolizes that you want to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. 

Meaning of promise ring is highly individual. The meaning may vary, and sometimes only the two people know what the meaning is. As said, the meaning is very individual, but very often, it represents love and commitment.

Promise rings are popular for couples that don’t necessarily need to label their relationship and want to promise that someday, they may not be “just” girlfriend and boyfriend. For those couples, the ring is just a symbol of their love.

On what finger do you wear a promise ring and how should it look?

On which finger you wear promise ring is entirely up to you. Some people even prefer wearing it as a necklace!

The most common way of wearing a promise ring is on the ring finger of your left hand if you are not married and on the ring finger of your right hand if you are married. 

As said, a promise ring can be worn on any finger, and the trendy way is wearing in on your little finger. Pinky promise rings are often very delicate and minimalistic, which makes them suitable for someone who doesn’t wear jewellery that often and is more comfortable with small and simple jewellery.

Promise Rings Gallery from KLENOTA.uk

Promise rings are much smaller and finer than engagement rings and wedding rings. Diamonds and gemstones are popular, but they must be pretty small because promise rings are usually focused on the overall design, and big gemstone may destroy the unique appearance of your promise ring.

Gold and sterling silver are trendy for promise rings. Rose gold promise rings are not that usual but still gorgeous and unique.

Because promise rings are a symbol of infinity and commitment, motifs like an infinity symbol and hearts are often used, giving your promise ring minimalistic look.

Men Promise Rings

When you think of rings, you usually think of a man giving a ring to a woman. But promise rings for men are not that unusual as you would think. These rings are usually bigger, simpler and without diamonds and gemstones.

Where can you buy your promise ring?

A wide selection of promise rings is offered to you at Kay Jewelers, Pandora, Michael Hill, KLENOTA, Zales and Jared.