Jewellery is an accessory that many women, in particular, can’t imagine being without in their daily lives. Most women feel more confident after putting on a flattering piece of jewellery and perceive it as part of their self-expression. Whether you want to make yourself or someone close to you happy with jewellery that costs more, it’s a good idea when making a decision to know what to expect from it and why it pays to invest in jewellery.

The price you pay for buying cheap jewellery

Widely available cheap jewellery undoubtedly has one advantage – it’s pleasing to the eye and comes with a friendly price tag, which means that you don’t have to save for months to buy it. But what does this financial simplicity involve?

The first factor that goes against such jewellery is the risk of an allergic reaction to the materials it is made of. This risk is significantly higher than what we might encounter with jewellery made of gold or other precious metals. Various potentially irritating additives which get added to cheap jewellery do not occur in quality jewellery at all or to a much smaller degree. These can also in time cause an unsightly green colour to the jewellery.

This brings us to the second point – cheap jewellery with an attractive price tag is an ornament with a very limited life. Metals change colour, stones become cloudy over time and none of these reactions can be reversed. However quality jewellery enchants for many years with only minimal care required. If it does start to get a little dirty, all you have to do is take it to a local jewellery store to get it cleaned. Sandpaper, polishing paste or perhaps a coating of a new protective layer is used for metals while diamond jewellery is treated with ultrasound. And all gemstones have their settings checked.

Quality jewellery is a wearable piece of art

One perfect piece of jewellery requires a lot of effort, craftsmanship and creativity. This is why we can safely call it a work of art. And it has added value as compared to statues or paintings – it emphasizes your beauty at every step. For instance, at the KLENOTA jewellery studio, they create their own original elaborate signature collections. Each of them is based on a central idea and in the hands of skilled jewellers, the designs are then turned into reality.

Emotional value

Jewellery accompanies us unobtrusively throughout our lives since it is connected with various milestones in life. An engagement ring typically comes with the question “Will you marry me?” while during the wedding ceremony, the couple becomes married after they put on the wedding rings. And a popular gift for a wedding anniversary is jewellery that is selected based on the stone or metal which the anniversary is associated with. We inevitably have emotions connected with the jewellery which accompanies these moments and so we don’t consider jewellery merely just as an ornament, but as a very personal object.

Jewellery is also passed down from generation to generation in families as a heirloom. These are usually pieces from our loved ones, which become a treasured item for the person wearing them. Even in these instances, however, it is true that only jewels made with careful workmanship of quality materials can withstand the ravages of time.

An investment in the future

Statistics show that despite the occasional slight declines, the value of gold and other precious metals and gemstones increases over time. This is because they are natural raw materials and their reserves are gradually declining, which is (among other things) the reason for their value. Therefore valuable jewellery also acts as a kind of insurance that can be kept in reserve in case of emergencies.

So now you know why it pays not to skimp on jewellery

In this article, we have briefly summarized the reasons for buying quality, albeit slightly more expensive jewellery. Of course, buying affordable jewellery from time to time that is not made from precious metals or gems is no sin, but precisely for the above reasons, we believe that jewellery made of quality precious metals and stones will really pay off in the long run due to its beauty and durability.