Proposals are not that easy as it may seem. You don’t just need an engagement ring, you also need your own idea of where and how to propose to the love of your life. It’s hard, we get that. You want it to be romantic, but not too cheesy. You want it to be original but not overdo it. Also, it needs to fit the relationship you have with your significant other. If your partner is shy and introvert, you just can’t propose to him/her on a podium and invite her there, because that just wouldn’t work out and it might turn out to be the worst day of your life. 

Some people would be happier if proposed in the living room while watching a favourite romantic movie that proposed in a crowded place. So really knowing your partner is a key to a successful proposal. That being said, we put together some of the most original and unique proposal ideas that we think would make your day more special and memorable.

Movie proposal

You may have seen some of the videos on YouTube where people create o short movie or just a basic video and use it to propose. This can be a good choice even if you don’t have any experience with creating a movie. This movie can consist of any experience or memory you have with your partner or if you know someone who has any type of experience with creating movies, they can help you out. Great idea is to take a favourite or famous scene and put faces of you and your partner there. That put your voice in it and your unique proposal is done.

Book lover´s dream proposal

Is your partner “bookaholic” and loves books from one specific author? Then this idea is perfect for you. It is simple – take or buy them a book from that author and ask the author to sign “Will you marry, (your name)” on the inside. Then take your significant other to dinner or somewhere else and give them the book as a gift. You can also tape the ring to the pages of the book or carve the book so you have a place where to put the engagement ring. That’s it! Now you have a physical memory that you can put in your bookshelf and memorize this special moment forever.

Skywriting proposal

This proposal is an old one but a good one. Hire a skywriter to write a message on the sky for you. Then pick a date and a time and take the love of your life maybe for a little walk or to a park and wait if they notice the sign in the air or point at it.

Crossword puzzle proposal

Okay, let’s say that your partner loves crossword puzzles and you have some creative skills. You can simply take an old crossword puzzle and transform it into a new one or completely create a new one and that tape it to a newspaper. Of course, in the end, your partner should see “Will you marry me” there. This way is a little conscious because your partner will simply see that the crossword is different. Another way to make this come true is to contact the local newspaper editor and ask him/her to help you.

Caricature proposal

Are you and your partner on your dream holiday? Great! Go for a little walk to the centre and find a caricature artist. Have a little private chat with him and ask him if he would draw you and your partner and a sign or a bubble saying “Will you marry me?”. By the end of this, you will have a drawing of this special moment that will last you for a lifetime.

Proposal while sleeping

If your partner is a heavy sleeper this will turn out awesome. It’s simple – slip the engagement ring onto your partner’s hand while they’re sleeping and wait until morning and see how long will it take for them to notice and react.

Street performance proposal

If your partner isn’t introvert and loves street art and performances, then this one’s for you. Find yourself a street singer and ask him if he/she would sing “Will you marry me?” as you and your partner walk by. When this moment comes, ask your partner if she/he heard the sentence, drop to one knee and ask the question of your life.

 These are our 7 unique proposal ideas that can help you make your day special. Keep in mind, that if you put your heart and idea behind this proposal, it will always end up being one of the most special days of your and your partner’s lives.