Wedding preparations are endless, and planning what to prepare and how is crucial. But, planning the wedding day isn’t everything. You also have to think about what to wear and what accessories to use. It may seem like those details are easy to plan and prepare, but that isn’t necessarily true. So, what accessories could you wear on your wedding day and what will suit you the most?

Accessories for the bride

There is an enormous amount of bridal accessories, which can be divided into several groups. Some women can’t even imagine walking down the aisle without their accessories. The most common are especially shoes – both high heels and flats. Also, there are numbers of other accessories that can make you look even more stunning, such as:

  • Jewellery
  • Hair accessories
  • Necklaces, earrings, etc. 

A well-known accessory is the wedding garter. For some, this is a significant part of a wedding day, which also creates pleasant memories.

Wedding veil

The most typical bridal accessory is, without any discussion, a wedding veil. While shopping for it, make sure to focus on the shade of your veil. It should always match the colour of your dress. It is best to buy it in the same store as your wedding gown so that you see it together and you’ll know if they match. And, if you don’t want to ruin your hair by clipping the veil with the comb, pin it with bobby pins.


Another elegant and feminine hair accessory is a wedding tiara. It can be used to secure your veil, or it can shine on its own and make a perfect hair accessory. It fits any hairstyle or hair colour, so if you desire to feel like a princess, go for it. You can choose from many designs, so you can easily match them to other accessories.


A more delicate and gentle option is a headdress. But don’t worry, there are also many designs so you can choose an extravagant piece. Always make sure your headdress fits your head and isn’t loose. Also, some of them might feel unpleasant and annoying in your hair. Same as with other accessories, it has to match your style and whole appearance.


If you would love something more natural, try to look for floral hair accessories. Modern and popular are flower wreaths. Make these with flowers, which can easily last the whole day. Or, having two identical wreaths, which you can switch when the first one starts to wither, is a clever way to go.

Accessories to go with your wedding dress

Wedding shoes are the most noticeable accessories, which go along your wedding gown. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to walk in high heels all day long. While shopping for your shoes, think about your comfort. If you want to walk with ease all day, choose shoes with a low heel, which are also elegant, but a lot more comfortable. 

Also, focus on the colour of your shoes. White shoes are a classic, but it can be challenging to spot the right shade. Only a slight difference between the shade of your shoes and your dress can make an unpleasant appearance. Also, feel free to choose colourful shoes.


The most unusual wedding accessories are wedding gloves. These aren’t a perfect match for everyone, but they surely spark up your entire look. 

Choose from:

  • Long elbow-length gloves
  • Delicately laced gloves for your wrists


Wedding clutches aren’t that suitable for brides, but they are ideal for wedding guests. Many women find their handbags to be a necessity, so a small clutch is a needed accessory. They represent elegance and practicality. You can fit so much stuff in those little handbags and still look amazing.


Any bride looks even more stunning with the help of shining jewellery. Necklaces, earrings or bracelets are a must, but avoid wearing any rings – prepare your hand for the most meaningful ring of your life. Feel free to wear as much or as little jewellery as you please – everything depends on you and your preferences. 

As always, make sure your accessories match each other. If you’re wearing a massive and sparkling gown, look for gentle and delicate wedding jewellery. On the other hand, minimalistic dresses look amazing with sparkling jewellery.

Wedding garter

Wearing a wedding garter or stocking underneath your wedding gown is also a favourite and modern option. Everyone has seen the classic wedding garter, which has always been a traditional bridal accessory.

  • In the past, people believed that a garter brings happiness and prosperity into the new marriage. 
  • The purpose of this accessory has changed in the past few decades. Now, you’ll see the groom remove the garter from his bride’s thigh with his teeth or hands. Then, he’ll toss it to the group of unmarried male guests. 
  • This fun tradition is connected to tossing the bouquet. The woman who caught the flowers is supposed to dance with the man who caught the garter. The man then puts the garter on her leg, symbolising a new potential relationship.

Accessories for the groom

There is no doubt that brides have many more choices of accessories than grooms. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot buy some accessories for men. The most important task is to select your suit. The classic choice is the timeless black suit, but there are some other favourite colours to choose from, such as:

  • Cream of champagne
  • Brown
  • Navy blue, etc.

Either you’ll choose black, blue or brown, pay attention to how the suit fits. The shirt should match your bride’s dress. Many usually select white, but how you match everything together is what matters.


There is a large variety of groom’s shoes on the market, so choose whatever feels comfortable. As always, they need to match your suit and especially your belt. If you wear a light-coloured suit, put on shoes in a light colour. On the other hand, dark suits look their best with dark-toned colours. And you cannot forget about socks – they must cover your ankles. Also, their colour has to be identical to the colour of your shoes.


Shopping for your wedding tie may also be tricky. If you’re feeling adventurous, combine a vivid tie with a colourful suit. However, there is nothing wrong with being classic. In that case, select the colour of the tie based on the colour of your bride’s dress. If she’ll walk down the aisle in a pearl white dress, marry her in silver, grey or white tie.

Bow tie

If you’re not a fan of ties, a bow tie is what you’ll probably want. Bow ties are nowadays becoming more and more popular, even for informal occasions. There are several different styles and colours of bow ties so that everyone finds the perfect colour.  Bow ties are also suitable for male guests. 

It is worth mentioning that wooden accessories are a thing now, especially wooden bow ties. Those are crafted from many types of wood into many unique shapes.

Informal shoes

Even though the wedding is a big occasion, there is no need to be formal by all means. For example, a wedding in nature is the one where informality is a key. Women can wear flats, in which they can feel comfortable all day. If you want to be unique, wear sneakers. 

Focusing on wedding accessories is essential, both if you’re planning your wedding or you’ll be a wedding guest. Your accessories can help you match everything together and make you look fancy and elegant. Despite this fact, try not to overdo it, as it can look over the top. That’s why you should think about what you want and what you need. And always make sure that you feel your best.