Planning your wedding for it to be just as you dreamed of requires long months of preparations. Everybody worries about forgetting to prepare something, so it’s best to have a checklist on hand. Having one makes everything more manageable as you can complete the necessary tasks step by step. What should your list include?

What is the first task to do?

Have you already chosen the location of your wedding ceremony and reception? Then the following step is booking your date. Favoured places are very often booked many months ahead, so try to reserve the date as soon as possible. You should unmistakably hire a wedding photographer in advance, which can be pretty busy in the wedding season. Also, if you desire an original wedding vehicle to ride you to your wedding, book those ahead.

For the wedding ceremony

Once you have the place and date of your wedding, it’s time to move on to the next steps. 

  • An essential part of the wedding ceremony is your wedding vows. 
  • You can find many ideas on the internet, but many write their original vows, which are much more personal. 
  • Moreover, plan your wedding decor style. 

Plan the ceremony by yourself, or ask a wedding agency for help. Don’t forget about the seating plan for your guests. Prepare it ahead so that no one would end up without their seat. And of course, the wedding bouquet has to be managed months ahead.

Wedding reception

A wedding reception wouldn’t be a wedding reception without various refreshments. And it definitely wouldn’t be complete without a wedding cake and the main menu – lunch or dinner. A buffet full of sweets and salty food shouldn’t be missing. Complete it with various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. In the end, prepare a schedule for the main menu which would be helpful for the guests to know when the food is served. The wedding ceremony can also include several games, and other entertainments – which you choose depends on you.

Taking care of children and pets

If you are sure that your guests will bring their children or pets to the wedding, you have to make a plan of looking after them.  

  • The kids can spend their time in the kids’ corner. 
  • The little ones don’t find weddings amusing or entertaining, meaning they have to have their form of entertainment. 
  • You also could ideally hire a nanny, who will look after the kids. 

Guests who bring dogs to the wedding ordinarily take care of them by themselves. However, you can organize an event where other guests meet the pets. Cats or even horses can also participate, and it’s up to you if you want to entertain the guests with pets.

Wedding planning is challenging, so don’t feel bad asking your family, friends or professionals for help. They all can have some experiences with weddings and guide you through the process and help you make your list. Doing that will help you not to forget anything and have the wedding of your dreams.