All wedding guests won’t give you the same answer to the question about what they liked the most about your wedding. Your friends will answer that they loved the food, drinks, the music or the atmosphere. But, your family’s answer will be the wedding ceremony – the most formal and touching part of the whole wedding experience. To make this special moment look stunning on photos and videos, you’ll need a lot of decorations. And you definitely can’t forget the most meaningful wedding ceremony decoration – a wedding arch.

What indeed is the wedding arch?

You may ask why the arch is the most important decoration. The answer’s simple – without it, the ceremony wouldn’t be perfect! But what exactly is it, how it became a thing and why do we craft it? A wedding arch is an object, which determines where the ceremony will happen. The wedding photographer will take pictures of this moment the most, so make sure the place is perfectly decorated.

The history of wedding arches

In the past, many built wedding arches in villages in front of the bride’s family house. Sometimes, people placed them close to the homestead in which the pair would live. Walking through the wedding arch was a symbol of starting their new life as a married couple. Also, the whole village knew who was getting married so they could bring wedding gifts and say their blessings. 

This tradition is now barely held, and we place the wedding arch where the ceremony will happen. The symbolism is still there, but the wedding arch is more of a decoration than a symbol. But, the shape of the wedding arch can be symbolic. Similar to rings, the wedding arch is a closed object, which can symbolize eternity. Also, wedding arches were homemade in the past. But there are many wedding arch shops nowadays.

Choosing the right wedding arch

Which wedding arch is the best, and which shape is the most popular? As said before, the wedding arch can be crafted in many different ways, and then you can decorate it as you please. The wedding arch should be symmetrical, which makes it more stable. Also, it should be from steel or wood. So, what symmetrical shapes or wedding arches are the most popular?


Among the most popular shapes is, without any discussion, a hexagon. These arches are usually crafted out of six wood pieces, which creates the illusion of a circle. Decorating only one side of the hexagon with flowers and plants will make it look even more stunning and elegant.


A circle is the most classic wedding arch you can choose. The base of the structure is a metal, which you can shape like a circle. These arches look soft and delicate even without any decorations. You can also add some little decorations, such as lights, flowers, leaves or plants. You can also decorate only a part of the circle if you please.


Another favourite shape is a triangular wedding arch made out of wood or steel. This shape dominates with sharp edges, which is a change from the smooth circle one. If you choose to have this arch at your wedding, don’t forget to measure the construction. For example, if you are tall, your head might be over the wedding arch, which won’t look good in photos. But don’t worry, many wedding arches are made for tall grooms so anyone can fit.

A birch wedding arch

If you’re planning a wedding in boho style, this natural variety of wedding arch will be best for you. The best you can do for a nature-themed wedding is using natural birch branches. These will look elegant and ideal for the wedding due to the white colour of the bark. Birch wedding arches are shaped like a rectangle, which embraces the natural look of the wedding arch.

What other purpose does the wedding arch have?

The main purpose of a wedding arch is to decorate the ceremony place. But you can use it again later. We recommend placing the photo booth to your wedding arch. By doing this, every wedding guest can take a lovely photo and memorize this day forever.