When it comes to choosing your baby’s earings, it can be a complex task to choose the perfect earrings pair. If you are going to buy your baby’s earrings for the first time, then it can take more time to select. There are some things that you should consider before buying your child’s earings like softness, comfort level, pattern, quality, metal type, design, size, best diamond, etc.

Deciding On Perfect Metal & Carat

Buying anything for babies is connected to the heart and needs proper research whether you are going to buy a toy or jewellery. So, if you are planning to buy a cute pair of earrings for your child, then you will get confused at some point because there are many metal options available in the market like 14k or 18k gold earrings, diamond earrings, sterling silver, etc. But from ancient times, it is always recommended to buy 14k gold baby earrings for the first time for your baby girl. There are many reasons behind the recommendation of 14k gold baby earrings and one of the major reasons is that the ears of your baby girl are sensitive and need high-quality 14k or 18k metal so that she can stay protected from any of kind of infection and pain due to new piercing. So, always buy earings with high-quality metal.

Guide About the Size

Size is one of the important factors that every parent should consider before buying earing for their toddlers. Finding the right size is a common concern as well. Remember, the size of your toddler’s earings depends upon your baby’s ear thickness and size. Usually, the size of the small earings starting from 1/8″ or 3/16″. According to experts, 1/4″ is perfect for all toddlers. If it is the time for choosing the design, metal type, and size of your baby’s earings, then select the designs as per your baby earlobe size. You can also prefer to buy screw back diamond earrings for babies.


Every parent wants unique and modern designed earrings for their toddlers. When we talk about earrings jewellery designs, there are various standard designs available in the market, you need to choose the best design for your sweetheart. You may find studs, small butterflies, stars in the design options, but you will also find some pretty diamonds, birthstones, etc. Screw back diamond earrings for babies is one of the best options because diamond earings are more attractive and elegant in look. It’s all up to your choice. 

In today’s jewellery market, you may find various pretty earring options for your babies like 14k Yellow Gold Red Enamel, 925 Sterling Silver White Simulated Pearl Screw Back, 14k gold baby earrings, 25 Sterling Silver CZ Small Heart Screw Back, etc,

Is screw back diamond earrings for babies is the Best Choice?

Screw Back diamond earrings for babies is one of the best and safest choices for your toddlers because your babies cannot screw this type of earings no matter how intelligent they are. Most of the earings come out easily, but screw back helps to hold the earnings with high support. One more good thing about screw back earrings is that it comes with a covered screw back which doesn’t harm your baby while sleeping.

So, it is always best and secure to buy baby earrings with safety backs. The demand for baby earrings with safety backs is increasing day by day due to its unique design and safety factor. Removing screws is a difficult task for a small baby that is the reason most of the parents are requested for screw back diamond earrings for babies. It provides a high comfort level to your baby while sleeping.