Wedding preparations are exhausting and feel everlasting. But once your big day comes, the time flies, and your wedding reception ends. All the special moments, the wedding dress, the wedding venue, family members and wedding guests have to be captured by the photographer. After that, you can remember all the details and important moments by browsing through your wedding album.

Many say that investing in your wedding photos is the best idea you could have. After all, the wedding photographs capture the moment for eternity. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the wedding photography tips, which can help you choose the best wedding photographer.

When to start looking for the wedding photographer?

When it comes to looking for the perfect photographer for your wedding day, it’s always best to take your time and start at least half a year ahead. If you really want to take your time, begin a year ahead of your wedding ceremony. It may seem too early, but remember that high-quality photographers are booked fast. So take your time, search the net and compare various professionals.

The quality of your wedding photographs

It is essential to know which style of wedding photos you like and select the wedding photographer based on your preferences. Look inside their portfolios and google their photos so that you know their skills. And how do you know if the wedding photo is high-quality? It’s simple – follow your intuition. You and your partner should feel the emotions that are captured in the picture. If you’re not seeing only photographs, but also a happy and beautiful couple that you can’t get out of your head – then you’ve found your wedding photographer.

The pricing of wedding photograph

It may seem like the photographer is there only to make the perfect wedding shots. But if it was that simple, we would do it ourselves and wouldn’t hire a professional. Capturing your wedding party and wedding ceremony is challenging, so leave it to the professionals.

The photographer is present at your wedding the whole day and has to focus and be creative all the time. The proper wedding photographer must be everywhere and be invisible at the same time. He has to capture every single moment of your wedding day and know how the natural light works, how to choose the ideal angle and how to make the wedding photos look amazing. He should also have high-quality equipment, a few memory cards and a backup plan if anything goes wrong.

All of these features will affect the final price of your wedding photography. However, the most challenging task is to find your perfect wedding photographer. There are so many quality wedding photographers, but only some are naturals and can picture your wedding ceremony and all the family members for eternity.

Which style of wedding photographs should you choose?

Yes, even wedding photos can be divided into various styles. These include traditional wedding photos, reportage wedding photos and artistic photos. Some wedding photographers focus only on one technique, but others combine those three styles to achieve even more unusual shots. It’s best to combine the styles to capture the authentic moments. No one would want the simple standing family photo when you could have pictures capturing all the fun of your wedding party and the romantic atmosphere of your wedding day.

Traditional photos

These photos are set up in advance and staged. The photographs usually intervene and stop the action to take photos, so don’t expect any creative pictures. It’s basically just posing in front of the camera. However, group photo and photo of the bride and groom posing in different angles is necessary. These pictures are perfect for your wedding album and remembering the special moment.

Reportage wedding photography

The photographer captures moments just as they are and does not stop the action when it comes to reportage photos. Nothing’s perfect on these pictures, and that’s their magic – you’ll feel all the emotions just as they were while looking at those photographs. The photographer should be nearly invisible, capture different locations and all the small details of your wedding. Those can be the table settings, the dance floor, the ring bearer, the flower girls and of course, your first kiss as a married couple.

Artistic wedding photographs

Artistic shots can be combined with reportage of traditional wedding photography. The photograph takes some extra shots in various poses and edits them later. The editing should only improve the quality of the photos and should not add special effects.

Meeting the wedding photographer before your wedding ceremony

While we look for our photographer, it’s crucial to realize that soon we’ll share one of the most important days of our life with him. So chatting and getting to know your soon-to-be wedding photographer is exactly what you should do. Just be talking to him helps you decide if this person should see the full story of your and your other half lives and photograph your intimate wedding.

The meeting should not only be about you specifying the details and talking about your wedding ideas. It’s also about the personality of the photograph. He should respect your wishes and be on the same page. Thinking about test shots is also a nice idea. You should leave the meeting feeling fabulous and excited about your future wedding photography.

What can your wedding photographer offer?

Wedding photographers offer various packages. Which one you choose depends on how long you want the wedding photographer to take shots and other aspects. You can also find packages that offer photobooths or another photoshoot, like your bridal party or past engagement photos.

The basic package usually provides 8 hours of shooting, a few hundred virtual photos and a few printed out. Other packages differ working hours, the number of pictures or the availability of another special equipment. So whichever package you choose depends entirely on you and your partner.

Wedding photographer is without any discussion worth the effort and the money. Make sure to choose him carefully and trust your instincts. Once your wedding day passes, you’ll be more than excited to look at your wedding photographs and remember that special day forever.