Your wedding requires a huge amount of various preparations, including one of the most essential – wedding decorations. However, what plays a significant role while selecting your decorations is the budget of your wedding. Luckily, your budget does not need to be high. You can plan an astonishing and memorable wedding with just a little money – cheap decoration does not equal poor decoration.

Avoid fresh flowers

Probably the most popular wedding decorations are colourful and blooming flowers. However, their price can be high and out of your budget. 

  • If you want to save some money, stay away from table decor full of rich and blooming flowers. 
  • Decorate your wedding arch with other decorations, which will be a lot cheaper. 
  • Stick to what is most important, but do not forget to use flowers in a wedding bouquet. 

Flower decor is beautiful, but it is not a necessity, which you can’t replace with other decorations. Candles and lights, for example, create a pleasant atmosphere. Wildflowers, leaves, bark and stones can decorate your wedding too.

Choose the right place

This rule applies mainly to outside weddings which are becoming more and more popular these days. If the wedding happens in the forest or on a meadow, you’ll benefit from a tent. It can serve as a shelter from the sun or unwanted rain. Before buying, count your guests and position the tables and chairs to see how big of a tent you’ll need. 

  • Buying the smallest tent under which all your guests comfortably fit can save your money. 
  • Not only do you save money – you also reduce the need for lighting and space you then have to decorate.

Shop online

Shopping on online websites can also save some money. There are tons of online shops, so you can find the best quality product you need for the best price. It gives you the option to compare the decorations and find the best for you while saving money. 

There are many wedding decorations and which ones you choose depends entirely on you and your partner. If you are planning an outside natural wedding, try to stick to natural themed decor. The easiest way of doing that is to find them in nature yourself. Eventually, renting the decoration can be also an option. It is a lot cheaper, and you don’t have to deal with the decor after the wedding. 

Even the most basic decorations can be effective and make your wedding beautiful, so don’t worry about the quality and amount of your decorations. Your wedding can be romantic and dreamy with just a few appropriate decorations.