Coco & Kinney is a young and exciting jewellery brand that was founded in 2017 by Venetia & Emma. They both share the same everlasting passion for jewellery, gemstones and colours, which bonded them together. This spark brought them to the heart of gemstones and minerals – Thailand and India. Venetia & Emma now travel to these countries every year to handpick new gemstones for their upcoming collections.

Products available at Coco & Kinney

Coco & Kinney produces jewellery pieces suitable for everyday wear along with trendy, fashionable and extravagant items. This growing jewellery brand focuses on the practicality and flexibility of its unique products by producing detachable and interchangeable items. Coco & Kinney’s aims to embrace uniqueness and hopes that their customers would have as much fun wearing their pieces as they had to make them. 

Coco & Kinney offers a wide selection of silver and gold jewellery pieces. From minimalistic necklaces to luxurious rings and colourful, complicated earrings, this brand is full of attractive and unique designs which can amaze everyone. Various hoops and drops are available at Coco & Kinney website. Those are designed to be worn on the Eleanor Hoops or by themselves for a more simplistic look.

As said before, this jewellery brand uses handpicked gemstones in its new jewellery collections. Purchase jewellery pieces with Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Topaz, Aquamarine, etc. and spark up your everyday look.

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Create your unique jewellery pieces

Coco & Kinney has the exceptional option to create your unique earrings by combining and matching various tops and bottoms. It’s simple – select gold or silver jewellery and then look through different combinations to find the one you like. You can leave the studs by themselves and add the bottom only for significant life events or wear them connected daily.

Coco & Kinney Jewellery Gallery