Midi rings, also called knuckle, tea, or layered rings, are tiny delicate rings worn at the top of your finger – between the tip and first knuckle. The trend of midi rings started in 2013 and is slowly becoming more and more popular because of their style and wearing varieties. Nowadays, wearing your stack-able midi rings is an elegant fashion statement that accentuates your hands. So if you’re interested in wearing them, keep on reading and find out the basics of midi rings.

What do we know historically?

No one really knows when the first midi rings were worn. However, many can often see wealthy men and women portrayed in the 15th and 16th centuries wearing midi rings. We surely know that back then, decorating your finger with midi rings meant that the owner belonged to high society and did not need to work manually.

Are they comfortable to wear?

Those new to the world of midi rings will think that midi rings easily fall off of your finger due to their placement. But, after some time and adjustments, and most importantly, after choosing the ring size, many wearers find out that those rings feel comfy and secure on their fingers. Nevertheless, always mind your midi ring while washing your hands, as your jewellery can easily slip off with the help of soap. So taking it off with every bathroom visit is a general rule.

How to choose the right size?

Are you not sure what size to choose so that the ring won’t fall off? Well, many suggest selecting the size based on your pinky size. This ring size will almost definitely fit at least one of your fingers. Also, a general rule is that midi ring size would be 3-4 sizes smaller than your regular ring size. But, the best thing you can do is to measure the specific finger and use charts, which are available in any jewellery shop.

Styling your midi rings

Midi rings are trendy, stylish and stackable, offering their wearer several unique ways of wearing and combining to adorn your fingers. Midi rings are very often tiny, elegant and minimalistic, but larger jewellery pieces are also available. However, with the trend of midi rings becoming popular, large, bold midi rings are slowly being replaced with delicate and more detailed pieces. 

These trendy rings can be worn alone as a stylish add-on to your outfit or traditionally paired with the usual below the knuckle ring. Both ways, the midi rings are a trendy attention-grabber that underlines the beauty of long, polished fingernails and the overall elegancy of your hands.