Rings are for many people – women or men, a part of everyday life, so knowing your ring size is necessary. Rings are even more important and meaningful for those who are engaged or married. Their ring will probably be with them their whole life! Surely nobody wants to have a too-tight wedding ring or engagement ring, or that is too loose and can slide off their finger with just one slight hand movement.

Especially choosing the size of the engagement ring can be challenging. Your partner will obviously know that you plan something if you would ask them what their ring size is. But don’t worry. This article will tell you what the average ring size for men and women is, how to measure it secretly, and what can affect your fingers’ size.

Average ring sizes all over the world

Average finger size and ring scales are different all over the world. For example, in the UK, your ring’s scope is indicated by a letter, which can be then put together with half measures. Each half size shows an increase of approximately 0.75mm of the inside circumference of the ring. This system is also used in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa. The average UK ring size for women is M. On the other hand, the average men’s ring size is T, which is seven sizes bigger than the women’s.

In the US, Canada and Mexico, the sizing system is indicated in British non-metric inches. The numbers are also completed with half sizes. These numbers usually vary between numbers 3 and 13.5. For example, in the US, the average woman’s ring size is 6, and the average men’s size is 8.5.

The ring scale system in Europe is based on the metric system, which means that the number of your size translates to the ring’s inside circumference, which you measure in millimetres. This simple system is not in the whole of Europe. For example, in Germany, the system is similarly based on the metric system, but there is one difference. Each number represents the inside diameter of the ring – not the inside circumference. This system is also measured in millimetres. In Europe, the average women’s size ranges between 49 and 54, while men’s ring size ranges from 57 to 62.

Can you guess your partner´s ring size?

​Some people may think that you can guess your partner’s wedding ring size based on their height or weight. It might seem logical that a tall, skinny person would have long and thin fingers, so their ring size would be small, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Some tall people have long thin fingers but large knuckles so they would actually need a larger size ring. So there can be some cases in which the finger size doesn’t connect to the height of a person, but usually, there is a connection, which makes a perfect base in choosing the ring size.

There is also continuity between your weight and the size of your engagement or wedding rings. Women especially can notice that their fingers’ size can change depending on weight gain and loss.

How to measure own ring size at home

​Measuring your ring size can be tricky. Keep in mind that the dominant hand – for example, your left hand, is usually larger and your fingers are smaller in the mornings. Temperature also counts – hands get quite bigger when the surrounding temperature rises.

One way to measure your ring size is by using string or floss if you don’t own any other ring. Wrap the string or a piece of floss around the lower base of your ring finger and mark with a pen or a marker where the two ends overlap. Then take a ruler and measure your finger size in millimetres.

Another way to measure ring size is by using the ring that you already wear. Just use a printable ring sizer, place your ring on the circles and find out which one fits your ring.

If you’re scared that these homemade versions won’t work and you will choose the wrong size, you can always buy some form of ring sizer or ring-measurement tool. They are not expensive, and you can purchase them online. More accurate your measuring at home can’t be.

How to measure your partner´s Engagement ring size

Usually, you don’t know your partner’s ring size. Most people don’t even know their size, let alone their loved one’s size. The easiest but also very tricky way to figure out your partner’s ring size is by taking their other ring and measure it. The tricky part is that you have to take a ring, that you know your loved one wears on a similarly sized finger. You also have to make sure that your partner won’t notice that their ring went missing. 

You can also involve your friends in this process. If your friend is married or engaged, ask them if they would let your partner try on their ring. This will give you some idea of what the size is. 

If you are really desperate, try one thing – ask them. If you and your loved one have been talking about marriage and your life together, it won’t be weird to ask them what their ring size is. There is nothing sadder than not getting the size right, and this is the only way that will surely give you the right size of their ring. This won’t ruin your proposal, because you still have the moment of surprise – they may know that you are planning to propose, but they sure don’t know when, where and how.