Rhodonite, also called “manganese spar” or “manganolite” is a pink manganese silicate discovered in 1819 that belongs to the group of minerals called pyroxenoid. Its name comes from the Greek word “rhodon” meaning rose. Rhodonite often contains a significant amount of iron, magnesium and calcium and has a chemical composition of SiO3.

The colour of Rhodonite ranges from pale pink and rose red to brownish-red colour, with different shades of pink being the most favourite. Due to black manganese oxide, some Rhodonite crystals display black lines, patches, fractures or black veining.

The source of Rhodonite crystals

Rhodonite stone belongs to uncommon pink stones and is primarily found in metamorphic ores. It can also be found in rocks that have been affected by various hydrothermal and metasomatic processes. The Ural Mountains of Russia produce massive and rich pieces of pink Rhodonite.

Other sources of quality Rhodonite crystals are located in California, Massachusetts, British Columbia, New South Wales and Sweden. Other small deposits are located, for example, in Argentina, India, Peru and Brazil. Rhodonite stone has been certified as the national stone of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Rhodonite meaning and metaphysical properties

Rhodonite belongs to healing crystals that have numeral emotional healing properties. It is a protective stone that heals your emotional body, as well as a physical body. Rhodonite provokes positive energy and thoughts and banishes negative energy. It helps you let go of anything that could damage your self-love and self-confidence. It aids emotional wounds and emotional shock.

This pale pink crystal also encourages mutual understanding and can bring back joy and unconditional love into your relationship while strengthening your self-worth and self-esteem. It helps to attract love, remain calm in everyday life and find the life purpose.

Rhodonite helps with insect bites, reduces bruising and scaring and provokes bone growth. Rhodonite crystal treats autoimmune diseases, kidney stones and stomach ulcers. It also stimulates fertility, the endocrine system, immune system and circulatory system.

Rhodonite crystal in jewellery

High quality rose pink Rhodonite stone can be sold for a very high price and is primarily used in jewellery pieces, ornamental stones or as rough stones. Good quality stones rhodonite stone or damaged stone is usually cut into faceted stones. Making those require a true expert due to Rhodonite’s low hardness, making it fragile and one of the most difficult gemstones to cut. The most popular and used cuts are pear, oval or emerald.

Rhodonite’s advantage is its beautiful pink colour that goes with any skin tone. Matching it with silver or white gold makes it look modern and elegant. On the other hand, pairing it with yellow gold enhances the pink colour and looks ethnic and classy.

You can find several other stones on the market that match Rhodonite. You can pair your Rhodonite crystal with Rose Quartz, its sister stone Rhodochrosite, Opal, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, or Obsidian, which offers grounded support to your body and mind. Especially in beaded bracelets, pairing it with similar opacity gemstones looks harmonic and stunning. Rhodonite is a unique and stunning gem that looks amazing on anyone.