A new exclusive diamond collection named The Millennia Collection by Diamond Cutters International has recently been announced. The founder and CEO of Diamond Cutters International, Fred Cuellar is known as one of the world’s top diamond experts and the author of the bestseller “How to Buy a Diamond”. 

This one-of-a-kind collection is full of the world’s rarest pink, red, and violet diamonds. These exclusive diamonds were mined in the Argyle Diamond Mine. Their price is extremely high due to the mine’s closure in 2020. The combination of an argyle pink, red and violet diamond is known as “The Argyle Trifecta™”).

The Millennia Collection™ features: The Millennia Red™ – the only VS clarity GIA graded Fancy Red in the world, The Millennia Violet™ – the largest BL3+ Violet Argyle Hero Stone in the world and The Millennia Pink™, which is the only Pure Fancy Deep Pink oval stone of this quality offered by Argyle Tender.

Source: argyletrifecta.com