Your wedding day belongs to the most memorable and meaningful days of your life. Nowadays, many engaged partners choose a unique place for their wedding ceremony -it’s popular to have, for example, a mountain wedding or a wedding in a castle.

Also, the engaged couple often chooses a wedding location that holds a special place in their hearts. For example, their wedding reception can take place where they met, a place of their first kiss, or their favourite holiday destination.

Winter wedding in the mountains

If you desire a quiet and peaceful wedding in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by breathtaking nature, then a mountain wedding is perfect for you.

Do you prefer a romantic but cold winter wedding or hot summer wedding? Many don’t like winter weddings because of the pleasant weather, but what can be more beautiful and romantic than a snowy winter atmosphere with breathtaking views?

Many brides often dream of a flowy and light wedding dress and a warm summer wedding day and evening. However, a winter mountain wedding can have its own benefits and magic.

For example, almost every date you think of can be available for you! You can easily make a reservation in a restaurant, a hotel or hire a wedding photographer and hairdresser when they have much more time than in the summer months.

Also, the brides don’t have to worry about finding their dreamy wedding dress. After all, what can be more stunning than a snow-white warm wedding dress with a matching jacket?

Entertainment for the guests

How do you know that your mountain wedding was excellent and memorable? Well, every single guest has to have fun and think of your wedding as an unforgettable experience. That is possible if you create an exciting and unique program for your guests.

You can, for example, hire a horse sledge, which can be perfect for snowy wedding photos, plus it easily entertains the kids. Also, arranging a winter race for the kids can be helpful. Those can be later joined by the adults who can also enjoy some winter activities. A pleasant surprise can be wellness, for example, a whirlpool, sauna, a swimming pool or a professional massage. However, make sure to tell your guests to bring swimsuits with them.

Get married in a mountain cabin

Are you planning to spend your wedding ceremony and wedding reception in your favourite mountains? Then there is a chance that a stunning cottage you can rent for the weekend so that you and your guests can enjoy the natural beauty of a mountain cottage.

If your wedding will be in the winter months, give your guest the possibility to go skiing or enjoy the spectacular scenery while doing other winter sports.

Or say your vows in the warm cottage to the sound of a crackling fireplace. In the summer months, make sure to complete the wedding experience with a hike.

Also, take advantage of a small mountain hotel or resort which are often used for events such as wedding ceremonies. They can easily take care of the catering and the rooms for the guests and the bride and groom. The staff could also help you taking care of the entertainment by providing the music or some outdoor activities.

What food should you prepare for a summer wedding day?

Are you still not sure what food should you serve to your guests on your special day?

The whole wedding experience also depends on how satisfied will your guests feel after eating on your big day. Having a large variety of food that won’t satisfy every single one of your guests won’t create a pleasant atmosphere. When it comes to mountain weddings, you don’t have to stick to traditional food. However, if your partner is, for example, a hunter, then it’s a great idea to serve fresh meat straight from the forests surrounding the mountains.

What colour combination for the decor?

It is possible that choosing the colour of your wedding would be the hardest decision you’ll have to make.

If you choose the classic white colour to be the dominant colour, you definitely won’t make a mistake. However, the real question is what matching shade should you choose for the wedding decor. If you’ll have a winter wedding, then the ideal colour would be:

  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Navy blue
  • Purple

Natural decoration, such as wood, pine cones or rosehips, can add up to the wedding atmosphere.

For a summer mountain wedding, choose any warm colour which looks optimistic and joyful. Use this colour for the decorations or ask the guests to wear clothes that match your colour.