Any bride should start thinking about the look of her wedding dress at least six months before the wedding day. And, about three months before the big day, she should have her dress chosen and ready to be adjusted. So do you know how to select the dress of your dreams?

Trying on various wedding dresses belongs to the most beautiful and memorable parts of wedding preparations. At the same time, it can also be stressful – every bride fears choosing a dress that won’t fit her, that won’t be comfortable or won’t suit her at all. Luckily, the wedding dress selection is large, so every bride can find her stunning wedding dress.

Choosing a wedding dress based on your wedding theme

The first thing to do while choosing your dress is to think of the style and theme of your wedding. For example, a long white lace wedding dress with a veil fits a classic wedding. Shorter pastel dresses can be worn to a less formal wedding. Also, those who get married repeatedly can even wear a costume or any other formal dress. And lastly, It would be a crime not to wear boho wedding dresses on boho weddings.

Wedding dress silhouettes

A wedding dress should highlight your preferences and hide any imperfections or insecurities. So always make sure the select dress really fits and makes your silhouette look amazing. If possible, take your good friend, mum or somebody who can tell your their opinions to the wedding salon with you, so that they help you choose your dress in which you’ll feel beautiful.

A smooth and tight dress makes you look taller and shows off your curves. A generous flowy dress, on the other hand, makes you appear shorter and hides any imperfections. Tall and skinny brides look best with a long, flowy veil. If you’re short and have short legs, remember to wear high heels. Backless dress, cleavage and dressed without sleeves suit bigger and fuller breasts.

Long or short dress?

The usual choice of most brides is a long dress, which makes everyone look like the most beautiful princess. But what if you don’t desire the princess look? Well, don’t worry. You can be a rebel and try on short dresses.

However, one thing you have to beware of is a church wedding – a short dress is inappropriate for this type of wedding. But at the town hall or in the garden is totally fine to show off your legs. You’ll appreciate a breeze on your legs in hot sunny weather. Don’t forget to complete your look with accessories and a veil.

Simple or decorated dress?

Don’t be afraid to try on different styles of wedding dresses. Every dress looks completely different on you than on others. Remember that too many details or complicated designs can make you look out of place, so try to find the simple romantic bridal style that will make you feel astounding.

The simple style of wedding gown looks ultra-chic on slim brides with luxury hair. Large breasts or chubby arms look less noticeable in lace wedding dresses, but a wedding veil does not look great with a lace gown or with too many details.

Which dresses are appropriate for plus size brides?

Even plus size bride doesn’t have to worry about finding the perfect wedding dress. Wedding salons offer a wide selection of plus size dresses that suit larger women. However, there is a wedding dress style that does not look flattering on these women. Usually, we talk about the mermaid wedding dress that looks best on skinny, tall women with slim waists. But don’t worry, there are so many other options. For example, dresses that accentuate the waist are perfect for plus size brides.

Choose comfort

Feeling comfortable in your wedding dress throughout the wedding day is a key to having the ideal dreamy wedding. When you’re trying the dress on, make sure to sit down, bend over and raise your hands so that you know they don’t limit you and you can feel comfortable on your special day.

Should you rent or buy your wedding dress?

Are you not so sure if you would like to rent or buy your wedding dress? What you need to consider is the amount of money you’d like to invest in your dress. Renting your wedding dress has many benefits and is now modern and popular. However, if you’d like to wear something unique that nobody walked the aisle in before, buy your own dress. Don’t worry if you’re on a budget – some old gown collections can be stunning and cheaper than the newest pieces.

The rental differs based on the material quality, the style and the brand. The cheapest dress can be rent for about £170 and the most expensive probably around £670. You can also decide to have your gown tailored. It can be because they symbolize the love between you and the love of your life, or you keep it for other generations. However, tailored dresses can be expensive.

Whether you choose to buy or rent your dress, make sure to select it carefully and without any rush. You can be sure you’ll leave the store with the dress of your dreams if you choose a high-quality salon, so don’t worry about a thing.

Extra advice

  • Pick up your adjusted wedding dress from the salon at least a week before your big day.
  • Shop for the dress while feeling happy and excited about the wedding and choose based on your personal style. Also, cancel any meeting and work that day so that you don’t rush.
  • Select your wedding salon based on other peoples experiences and recommendations. The ideal seller will look at you and immediately bring you a dress that suits your figure and desires.