Your wedding is a meaningful event in your and your partner’s life, which requires tons of preparations. If you’re planning to get married outside, specifically in the woods, it is crucial to know what you’ll need as soon as possible. However, choosing a forest wedding will reward you with a magical and unique experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

How to choose the perfect spot

If you already have the perfect place in mind, you still have to prepare it for your wedding day. As soon as you start choosing the spot, you need to consider how your guests will arrive and if it’s suitable for your wedding. After all, it is better to pick a meadow surrounded by trees than dark hilly woods. 

  • Once you’ve chosen the location, discuss it with the owner of the property. Receiving his permission is the starting point. 
  • The second step is to book a date and make sure that the marriage officiant can get to your wedding without any problems.

Wedding decoration

Adjusting the spot to your wedding should take place before you even start to decorate. That includes tidying up and making some minor changes. How you decorate depends entirely on you. Try to use decorations straight out of nature, such as wood, leaves, flowers or even bark and stones. You can achieve a romantic atmosphere with candles, lanterns or even lights.

Appropriate clothes

It may not be as comfortable to get married outside as inside, meaning that the bride should adjust her wedding dress to the surroundings. So instead of a big, spectacular gown, choose a simple and light-weighted dress. This way, you’ll be more relaxed and comfortable, and your flowy dress will match the natural theme of your wedding. 

Also, examining the surface on which you’ll walk the entire day is essential.  The ground in the woods is soft, so high heels are not an option. When selecting your wedding shoes, pick flats and low heels.

Make it simple

The great advantage of a forest wedding can be its low price. After all, you don’t have to buy tons of decorations when you’re surrounded by stunning nature. Also, the forest can be the perfect spot for the wedding reception and feast. If you want to avoid preparing tables full of food, make your wedding unique and try a picnic-style reception. 

Forest wedding is a unique, original and pleasant occasion that is full of romantic decorations and atmosphere. This wedding is ideal for anyone who loves nature and desires an unforgettable wedding day.