Have you been invited to a friends’ wedding? If so, then you surely need to prepare a wedding card with a wedding wish. There are various ways of doing that – you can look online for some quotes and  verses or be original and prepare it by yourself.

How should the wedding wish look?

You can find various paper wedding cards in malls and shops. Many of them are colourful with glitters and contain a quote that’s supposed to be funny. Make sure to avoid those. 

  • More suitable are decent cards on which you write your own wish. 
  • You can purchase those cards in shopping malls or stationary. 
  • Don’t forget to buy an envelope in which you’ll give your wishes. 

Once you have your card, it’s time to come up with the wish – we’ll discuss that later. At first, we have to mention what you should do with the card afterwards. It’s simple – put it into the envelope with your name written on it so that the newlyweds know who gave them the card. The card is then put into a box or a chest which is usually present at weddings.

Appropriate quotes

You can come across many different quotes on the internet. Some of them are appropriate for weddings, but some are not. Which one you choose depends on you. If you write the searched quote on the card, it may seem quite impersonal. In that case, it’s better to add some lines which you came up with yourself. Remember that writing some simple meaningful wish can be sometimes better than original and complicated paragraphs. And, it’s the wedding of your friend, so it shouldn’t be hard to write them one or two lines.

Funny wish

There are hundreds of lines and sentences which are written to make the newlyweds laugh. Your inspiration can be different websites that are full of funny sayings. So simply surf the internet and find the perfect one. Always make sure that the line doesn’t sound offensive. On the other hand, write those lines if you know that the couple would find it funny. You could use words from the internet, but even better is to add some funny stories or experiences. However, if you’re not confident enough, be safe and use an already existing wish. 

Elegant wish

If you don’t feel the need to be original, stick to conservative wishes. Those cannot offend anyone and will say what needs to be said. The basis is wishes of health, love and prosperity. As always, you could write an original and unique wish. Those please the couple more than a common one. Even better is if you can write in verses and compose a poem. 

Wedding wishes are an irreplaceable part of a wedding reception – the couple is starting their life together. So make sure you wish them a happy life with a few words.