If you’re a parent planning your wedding, your little ones will probably attend the occasion. However, many engaged couples don’t have children yet, so they should consider inviting your guests’ children. Both ways, it is crucial to prepare the right atmosphere for the kids, so they’ll have fun and enjoy the wedding.

How to dress your kids for the wedding?

Pictures of children in cute and colourful dresses and suits are all over the internet. It may look adorable and funny, but the comfort of your child is what really counts. There are some necessities when it comes to the wedding with children, which can make them upset. So adjusting everything to make them feel as comfortable as possible is necessary. When it comes to clothing, choose comfy and soft pieces, which are informal. Formality is not required when it comes to your kids.

Dress and suits

Kids’ wedding dresses look magical, but they’re not quite the definition of practicality. Fluffy and sparkly clothes look adorable, but your children won’t enjoy them as much. Instead, choose a simple and flowy dress. Also, they will surely get dirty and ruined, so select those, which are expendable. 

  • If you would love to match your little ones to other guests, choose similar colours as you’re wearing. Pastels are definitely the best option. 
  • Your children then match the bridesmaids, guests, or the brides or grooms accessories and decor. 

If your children are older, you can also consider formal clothes. That applies mainly to boys, who can use the wedding as the first opportunity to wear a suit. As always, their suit should match their dads’ clothes or the grooms. Same as with the girls, focus on the comfort of your child.


There is no need to create complicated hairstyles for your children. They’ll move around a lot, so their hairstyle will get loose very quickly. So instead, choose a more simplistic look. Little girls look lovely with floral headbands. Unfortunately, those won’t last long as well.


Ideally, kids’ shoes should match the formal style of dress or suit. Girls can wear light glittery or decorated light sandals, and boys can choose from men’s shoes. Don’t worry about smaller kids. Dress them in a simple dress or suit and complete them with light and comfortable slippers.

Scheduling the activities

Scheduling entertaining wedding activities for your kids is not easy. A wedding is a formal occasion, which is mainly entertaining to adults. However, kids have to have fun too. There are many ways to amuse your kids – what you choose depends entirely on you.

Games and entertainment

The most important thing at weddings with kids is to entertain them so that you can have fun as an adult. So selecting activities that won’t require much parent’s attention is necessary. For example, a dance floor serves as an exceptional amusement for the kids. Plus, it gets their energy out pretty quickly.  

Surprisingly effective is giving them tasks since the beginning of the wedding. It can be small and simple tasks, which make them feel helpful. Of course, older children can do much more than smaller ones. The task can be:

  • Decorating the car with little bows 
  • Helping with myrtles and other decorations

Little girls can hold the bride’s veil. On the other hand, boys can enjoy the duties of ring bearer. Girls can also be a part of the ceremony in the role of flower girl.

Kids’ corner

If you’re planning a wedding with lots of kids, you cannot forget about the kids’ corner. Kids’ corner is excellent for weddings – it keeps your kids entertained, and you can decorate it and place it wherever you want. It should include games to entertain the kids, and also provide them with a place to rest. Use a large variety of games, so that kids of various ages can find what they want.

If you’re also planning to incorporate board games – choose simple and funny games, which will be suitable for children of all ages. Also, decorate the corner with balloons, which will also serve as a fun activity. 

If you have a place to spare, rent a bouncy castle or a trampoline, kids love those and will spend hours there. A magic show or clown will amuse the kids as well.

Kids’ sweet buffet

An attractive solution of how to entertain the kids is giving them enough food and sweets. Arrange a table with lots of sweets, lemonades, and other food. The more desserts you prepare, the better. But keep in mind that the sweet bar has to be served after the main meal so that the kids won’t only eat sweets.

Who watches over the kids?

Watching over the kids at a wedding is necessary. Even if you give them tasks and let them spend time in the kids’ corner, someone has to look over them. However, the parents want to enjoy the wedding and chat with the adults, so it’s great to get someone to watch them for you. So who can watch over the kids?


That, without any discussion, is the easiest option. You don’t have to hire someone and pay for the service, but there are some disadvantages. Your kids will require an enormous amount of attention, so you probably won’t see other guests that much. And there is also a chance that you’ll miss out on some funny adult activities and games.

A nanny

A babysitter will take care of your kids all day long. Unfortunately, finding the appropriate nanny who will be responsible can be difficult. So always make sure to do your research and demand an experienced and reliable person. This way, you won’t feel worried and feel bad that you’re not with them all the time.

Professional babysitting

There are some agencies which specialise in babysitting kids at weddings. Those bring lots of benefits. The employees are experienced and can also handle more than one kid. Also, they’re great for scheduling the activities for the kids – even those who get easily upset and annoyed. If you’re thinking about hiring a babysitter, make sure to research online to have a rough idea of how much the service costs.

How much will you pay?

The price for the babysitting service can vary depending on numerous factors, such as:

  • The number of children
  • The difficulty
  • The travel expenses

The cheapest option is babysitting by some of the wedding guests. But if you don’t mind spending some money, hire a professional or a nanny. Professional wedding services can be pretty expensive, but your children will receive professional care. Also, if you request an individual plan, the price will increase.

What should you not forget?

Kids at weddings need tons of attention and care so they can have a joyful day. Adults won’t have time, in the beginning, to engage their children in the welcoming process. So it’s essential to amuse and distract them. That can be achieved in different ways. If you’re not sure what to do, talk to other parents who can guide you through the situation. Helpful is surprising them with a welcoming gift. That can include many things children love and enjoy, for example:

  • Colouring books with pencils
  • Bubble blower
  • Ballons, etc.

And what should you serve to children? Well, they certainly won’t enjoy what the adults will eat. Also, every child is different and enjoys different tastes, so asking the parents can be efficient and helpful. A balanced diet is standard, but this unique day can be an exception. 

So don’t worry and serve them with delicious deserts and fun themed meals.

Preparing for a wedding with kids is usually a little bit more challenging than for an only adults wedding. Little ones can be picky eaters, get upset quickly and mess things around so it’s crucial to prepare for them. Try to think about the tiniest details, so that the kids will be happy and joyful throughout the whole day.