A wedding bouquet is a necessary part of any wedding day. It is one of the most meaningful and noticeable bridal decorations, so how can you choose the best one? In this article, you’ll find out which bridal bouquet styles you can pick and the symbolism of various flower colours.

First, we have to mention that the wedding bouquet should mainly look beautiful to the bride herself. Don’t get upset about your surroundings not liking your flowers – the only thing that matters is that you find them stunning and perfect. The perfect flowers should match the bride’s style and enhance her beauty.

Types of bridal bouquets

The selection of wedding bouquets is extensive and diverse. You can select the shape and colour of your wedding flowers. You can also decide if you want natural or artificial flowers in your bouquet.

Various shapes of wedding flowers

The round wedding bouquet is the most popular among all shapes. These bouquets look elegant but also delicate and uncomplicated. Many brides prefer roses in these bouquets, but it’s not a rule you would have to follow.

Overhanging wedding bouquets were pretty popular in the past. Unfortunately, brides don’t like them anymore, therefore not used as much.

Teardrop bouquet is an exceptional combination of round and overhanging styles of wedding bouquets. The base of this style is a round bouquet that points out at one side and creates the illusion of a teardrop.

Creative and unconventional wedding flowers are becoming more and more attractive nowadays. For example, flower crowns or bracelets are attractive nowadays.

The colour of your bridal bouquet

The bouquet colour has to match the theme and style of your wedding. Every wedding colour has its unique meaning and presents different features. Read the characteristics of each colour in the following paragraphs.

White colour symbolizes purity, innocence and justice. White looks elegant and delicate and is connected to marriage and weddings the most. White wedding flowers include roses, tulips, lilies, daisies or hydrangea. A wedding veil is also white, so don’t forget to include it in your wedding look.

Pink presents romance, loyalty and tenderness. Same as white, it is a symbol of delicacy. There is no more typical pink flower than a rose, after all, this flower got its name based on its colour. Other pink flowers that are suitable for weddings are peonies, tulips, oleander, or gerberas.

The yellow colour is a symbol of positive energy, power and joy. Due to its brightness, this colour attracts the attention of others, but be careful not to choose a shade that’s too bright. Flowers like dandelions, sunflowers or tulips shine with beautiful yellow petals.

Power, energy and passion are the keywords for the colour red. Roses, poppies, gerberas and other stunning flowers can be included in your wedding bouquet.

Blue flowers are a symbol of peace, freedom and serenity. Those beautiful shades are present on cornflower, iris, lavender or viola.

Wedding bouquet decor

Brides have always put pearls and beads in the past. Those are not so usual nowadays are more and more brides are mainly focusing on the richness of the flower itself. Wedding flowers in boho style are now fashionable and common.

The choice of wedding decor should only depend on the groom and bride. The priority is to use flowers that the couple likes and that describe their relationship and their story. The wedding flower is not the only accessory for the bride. Flowers for the mothers, friends and bridesmaids also shouldn’t miss. Every wedding guest should have some form of flower decor on their dress – even men in the form of boutonnieres.

Decorating the place of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception with flowers also adds to the romantic atmosphere of the wedding. That also applies to wedding tables. The wedding place can be decorated with flower wreaths, little flower bundles or loose flower petals.

What is the price of wedding flowers?

This question does not have a straightforward answer. The price depends on the flowers you use, on the size of your bouquet or other decorations. Decisive is also if you buy only your bouquet or the whole flower decor for your wedding day. The price can be a lot higher if you choose to synchronize the whole flower decor of your wedding place.

Get inspired

Look at the wedding flower gallery below and be inspired.