Deciding one between white gold and platinum is a complex task. You might know that platinum is known as the best metal among other metals or jewellery. But some people are still confused about which one is better- White gold or platinum? Both the metals are same in the look, but have some major or minor differences. Do you want to know about the differences between white gold and Platinum? If yes, then read this post.

Here, we are going to explain the major differences between both the metals that will help you to make any sort of jewellery decision.

Long Term Maintenance

It is one of the common misconceptions that white gold and platinum metals are the same and don’t need maintenance over a long time. But this is not the truth. 

Most of the people recommend White Gold Jewellery, but more than 50% of people are familiar with the drawbacks of this beautiful white gold metal. It is important to know that white gold is not pure, means, it is made with a mixture of yellow gold and other white metals such as nickel, palladium, silver, etc. After the mixture process of the metals, jewellery artisans or designers gives rhodium plating to the white gold jewellery pieces to give a shinier and flawless finish. 

Apart from that Platinum contains more than 95% of pure metal and is one of the purest metals that you can buy.

Hypoallergenic Potential

While deciding about the metals, you will also think about the metals that can cause any allergic reaction on your skin. In this case, Hypoallergenic metals are the best choice and Platinum is considered true hypoallergenic jewellery metals because these metals are 95% pure. If you have any kind of skin allergy problem, then go with Platinum Jewellery.


There is no need to explain about the durability and lifespan of Platinum metal because platinum has been described as one of the durable and hardest metals for jewellery.

Let’s know more about this important factor. It is important to know that when we scratch white gold, it gets lost. But, in the case of platinum metal, the platinum moves from one place to another on the jewellery piece and develops a unique look called a patina finish. The patina finish makes your platinum jewellery more unique and antique. 

Being the most precious metals, platinum metal can last for generations. You can make your platinum jewellery new and reseized after many years as well.

Weight & Composition

When it comes to buying any jewellery, it is important to know about the weight or composition of the jewellery metals. Weight is another important difference between white gold and platinum. Platinum metal is heavier as compared to white gold. Usually, white gold jewellery offered in 14k and 18k. White gold is mixed with other metals to give more hardness. 

When we talk about Platinum Jewellery, it is a heavy metal and rigid. If you are platinum jewellery lover, then you need to decide whether you can handle a heavy piece or not. Platinum jewellery is one of the best options for you.


Cost is one of the major differences between white gold and platinum. Platinum is more expensive than white gold as it is more denser than white gold metal. You should know that precious and pure metals are priced by weight. 

The above factors play a crucial role in deciding white gold jewellery or platinum jewellery. There is a need to know and understand these factors so that you can decide which option is better for you.